Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Logan Turns 5

I've made a goal for 2017 to blog at least once a month.  Well.... here it is March 29, and I've got not a lot to say.  So I decided to finally recap Logan's 5th birthday party from back in August.

Only 1 problem.  I have exactly 2 pictures from that day.

Here they are in all their glory:

Back in October, we switched our cell phones from Verizon to Sprint, and got new phones and got a big headache and in the process I lost all photos from beginning of August to Halloween.  I had my moment of grief, and it is what it is.

So I'll just have to describe the party in such detail, it will feel like you're looking at pictures of the day.  Ready?

Actually, here's all you really need to know:

It was absolute chaos!!!!

Let me set the scene for you.

Ansley was about 2 weeks old.

My parents were visiting.

Our house was still on the market.

Daniel was at a week long conference in Indianapolis the week before.

And Logan wanted Star Wars everything, but most of all....

He wanted to invite every, single, boy from his preschool class and have a water fight.  And almost all of them came.

Which was really fun.

But really crazy.

I'm still amazed this all came together.

He also invited all our relatives and all his teachers and all our friends.  It was such a fun day!  Looking back I'm especially grateful because we moved a few short months later and this was the last time we saw a lot of our friends, so I'm really glad they got to come meet the baby, and our kids got to play, and we got to visit and have one last hurrah!

As per use, I got all my ideas from Pinterest.  Here's my board.

You can kind of see in the picture that we made a light saber "cake" which was really just cupcakes, but turned out super cute.  Here's the blog it came from.

So I guess there's not really much more to say!  I made Wookie (no bake) Cookies, and Yoda Guacamole.  We froze Logan's toy Han Solo in Jello Carbonite, and ate grape lightsaber skewers.  We  feasted on Edible Ewoks (teddy grams) and had a veggie tray that somewhat resembled Bobba Fet.  I got all my party supplies from Party City, and it really wasn't hard to find decorations.  Star Wars was everything that summer!

At the end we let the kids loose with these water squirters and these water balloons both from Amazon.  It was madness and everyone got soaked, but had a great time.

All in all, this was one of the easier parties to plan, because there's just SOOOOO much Star Wars stuff out there.  It was perfect for our little boy!

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