Thursday, June 5, 2014

Preggo Famous

When I was pregnant with Logan I insisted on not taking a single picture of me pregnant.  I didn't want any photographic evidence that I was ever that huge.  In fact, there is only 1 picture -to my knowledge-in existence of my pregnant self and it's because my best friend from high school forced me to take one and send it to her.  

And looking back, I wish I had taken more, simply for comparison's sake.


Fast forward to my pregnancy with Reagan and I decided to document much better.  I took a picture every few weeks to post on Instagram.  You know, to document, and share with 60 of my closest Instagram followers.


I even went as far as to have a few professional maternity portraits done.  The lovely Shiu-Ning Bien over at Anthea Photography was gracious enough to snap some pictures of me and my family and my pregnant self.  You know, to document, and share with close friends and family.

So you can imagine my shock horror surprise when this picture:

Came strolling down my FB news feed looking large and in charge to the tune of 4200+ likes on Pregnancy Corner's FB page a few weeks ago.  They have almost a million followers.

Pop on over to my favorite website, to find out that this pin has been repinned over 7000 times and if you search for "Maternity Photography" it's one of the first pictures that pops up.  

So basically, I went from 1 person (Hi Sam!) seeing me pregnant with Logan to 1 million people seeing me pregnant with Reagan.  

Funny how things work out like that, huh?

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