Friday, September 12, 2014

Logan's 3rd Birthday

It seems like a million years ago that we celebrated Logan's 1st Birthday.  But when we did, I did it up big.  It was so fun to have guests come and celebrate our little boy.  I love to entertain and have parties. It was a real bummer when we weren't able to do anything for his 2nd birthday, so now that we are in our own house with our own big yard, and we actually have friends and family around to invite, I knew we needed to have another big, fun get together for our boy.

One of my very first memories was my 3rd birthday party.  My mother made me a train cake and I remember how shiny the tinfoil looked that it was on, and helping her put on the candy decorations.  I even remember blowing out the candles.  It was that memorable of a cake.  

So when it was time to think of a theme for Logan's 3rd birthday, I knew we absolutely HAD to have a train cake.  Had to.  Combine that with Logan's love of elephants, and I knew we were thinking Circus.  

I turned to my one true love, Pinterest, of course for some ideas, and man did I find them.  Here's a handful of ideas that I used to help me pull together the perfect circus birthday party for a three year old:



So.... I know the anticipation is killing you!!  

Welcome to Logan's Big Top:

The Food:

My watermelephant :)
We served hot dogs, fruit, veggies, pop corn and nachos - perfect 3 year old menu 
The cake from my childhood!

Thanks to my momma for assembling the clown
The Decor:

Banner purchased at Walmart for $1
Our attempt at the "circus tent" look
Isn't my niece a cutie?
Our guests were so generous!  Logan made out like a bandit!
Daniel's mom makes each grandchild a shirt for their birthday.  Logan's turned out so cute this year!  
The Entertainment:

We did a piñata
Which ended in utter chaos
And only a few tears...
We also did a photo booth in which a few brave souls participated:

Aunt Rebekah, Uncle Michael, and Cousin Carmen 
Whoever these crazy fools are...
Cousins Jada, Jess, and baby Jax (still cookin')
Aunt Rachel, Grandma, Aunt Laura
Aunt Sarah and Cousin Claira
Cousin Amelia and Grandma Hinton
And of course, we had cake.  

It was a great day and a wonderful way to celebrate our special little man.  Afterwards, Daniel told me it was the best birthday party he'd ever been to.  I'd have to agree.  

Special shout out goes to my WONDERFUL, miracle working mother who made this day happen.  Seriously, it would have been a complete mess without her.  Love you momma!!

Love these people:

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