Thursday, May 25, 2017


This past Monday, I went over to a friend's for girls night. It was hard getting out the door, because Reagan insisted on stories strictly from Mommy, which went on a little later than usual. 

Getting myself to bed after arriving home was even harder, though. Sort of a comedy of errors, if you will.

It was late, nearing 2 am, and I quietly urged the door open and tried to sneak inside the house, like a teenager trying to break curfew. I felt a little bit like a teenager, too, having spent the night gabbing and snacking with my girlfriends. The abrupt sound in the quiet house, immediately made Cuddles come galloping down the stairs, yapping with all his might. This started a chain reaction, starting with my eldest. Logan awoke and wanted a drink of water. While trying to fetch the water in the dark, I tried to turn the flashlight on on my phone, but accidentally dialed my mother in law. Panicking and hanging up before she answered, I gave Logan his water, but then stumbled in the dark as I answered my mother in law's text that "I am fine, I just accidentally called you while getting Logan a drink of water." This of course, woke up my sleeping baby. If you've ever seen Ansley you'll know that she wanted nothing else than to eat. 

After nursing my youngest back to sleep, I was finally able to crawl into bed where my sleeping husband's warm embrace was waiting for me, even in his sleep.

It was no monumental event, not even anything out of the ordinary: a typical Monday night. But that night I lay in bed feeling extra grateful. My prayer as I drifted off to sleep sounded something like this:

Thank you for a miniature sized princess who wants to read fairy tales before bed with me. Only me.

Thank you for friends new and old who will laugh and cry with me until late into the night.

Thank you for a dog who although he is small and fluffy, cares enough about my family to bark like a dog who is big and ferocious when he thinks we are in danger.

Thank you for a son who will call for his mother when he needs help. 

Thank you for a family who will answer my mysterious calls at 2 am to make sure I am ok. 

Thank you for a baby who is fat and adorable and for a body who made her that way.

And thank you for a husband who wraps his warm, strong arms around me to welcome me home, even when he is asleep, and I've been gone watching The Bachelorette.

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  1. Wow, this text choked me up. You set my mind straight in a really hard situation. Since 3 weeks my milk supply lowers down and I will have to suuplement with formula. While I am feeling like loosing the ability to be a good mom, I have to choose the right formula and everything seems to be wrong. Then I read your text. And you showed me the most important things. I have a wonderful husband, who loves me and our child so much. I have a healthy and super cute child, which is so adorable. And now I am crying, because I can feed her only the second best nutrition children can get. I think these are real first world problems. Thank you so much. You reminded me to be grateful. I decided now to go with organic formula from this side: I am feeling really much better now. Thank you so much!