Thursday, July 24, 2014

T25 Results

It took me a whopping 17 MONTHS to lose the baby weight with Logan.   17 months.  That's a long time.  But I finally did, and then I wrote this post.  Remember, about 10 things I wish I'd Known about Post-Partum fitness?

Welp, here I am again, but this time I'm only 7 months post-partum!!  I guess that advice to my future self really paid off!  I haven't lost ALL the weight yet, I've still got about 3-5 lbs to go, but I'm feeling great and ready to reveal my results (plus it's time to send off to get my FREE T25 T-Shirt!)  So now I'm back with...

5 MORE Things I Wish I'd Known About Post-Partum Fitness 
Baby # 2

Just a refresher for those of you who are new...

Before Logan:

9 Months Pregnant with Logan:

6 Weeks after Logan:

17 Months after Logan:

9 Months Pregnant with Reagan:

And now the BIG reveal...

5(ish) Months after Reagan:

7 Months after Reagan:

Woo Hoo!!

1.  It's not always harder the second time.  I always heard that losing the weight the second time would be a lot harder than it was the first time.  Well I'm calling that bluff.  Maybe for some it was harder, but for me it was way easier.  Not having a desk job, chasing a 2 year old boy, and having 3 flights of stairs to climb everyday probably had something to do with that!

2.  A fit pregnancy goes a long way.  Another reason it was so much easier the second time around was I had a much healthier and leaner pregnancy with Reagan.  I gained 46 lbs this time as apposed to 59 lbs with Logan.  So there's 13 lbs right there that I didn't have to worry about losing after the baby came.  I think I just realized that I didn't have to eat everything I wanted to eat.  With Logan I kind of used the "eating for 2" and "I'm craving it so the baby NEEDS it" excuses.  With Reagan I realized if I didn't eat everything I wanted to, the baby wasn't going to suffer.

3.  25 minutes a day is enough. I did 2 rounds of Insanity right before I got pregnant with Logan, so after I had him, I tried to jump right back into.  Well, not only was my fitness level not where it needed to be, but most Insanity workouts are close to an hour long.  With a newborn (a now a toddler) that's a really big time commitment.  But I wasn't sure if anything shorter would get me the necessary results.  Enter T25.  Another Beachbody, Shaun T workout, but only 25 minutes a day.  WAY more doable, but still AWESOME results!

4.  You can diet and breastfeed  With Logan I didn't feel the need to diet because I was afraid I needed the extra calories to make milk.  Well this time, I've realized that you can indeed diet and breastfeed.  You still need to EAT, but I realized you can just eat smarter.  You still need calories, but just make them healthier calories.

5.  Don't wait for the weight to fall off, make it happen  With Logan, I took my sweet time losing the weight and had a lot of excuses along the way.  Work, tired, busy, etc.  And it's true, that I had a lot more on my plate and it was a lot harder to find the time to exercise.  This time, I could feel myself slipping into the same mindset, but without the excuses.  I found myself thinking, "I know if I don't do anything I'll lose weight because I'm breastfeeding."  And, "It's only been 3 months since Reagan was born.  Even though I could workout, there's no rush.  I didn't lose the weight with Logan till he was well over a year old."  And then I started to get frustrated that my weight loss had stalled and I wasn't getting any thinner.  So finally, I ditched the excuses and got to work.

I lost 5 lbs the first week and then there was no looking back.  60 days later I've lost 16 lbs, 10 total inches, 2 pants sizes, and gained a TON of energy and am feeling fantastic!

I don't share these stories to say, "Look at me, look how great I look!"  I share them to hopefully inspire someone else to make a change in their life.  Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it!  There's no better day to start than TODAY!!  You can make it happen and make that change.

I'll be back with another fitness post when I lose those last 4(ish) lbs!

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