Friday, July 15, 2016

Reagan Turns 2

If ever there was a 2 year old crazy cat lady, Miss Reagan is it.  So when we were deciding what to do for her birthday it was a no brainer that we were going to have a purple kitty party.

I enlisted the help of the Etsy Shop Pink Ink Creation  to make her invites, thank yous, banners, and decorations.  It turned out just perfect.  I would definitely recommend her, she was great to work with and her stuff is adorable!

Planning a kitty party, I thought would be pretty easy, but turns out there isn't a lot of kitty stuff out there!  As usual I turned to my favorite website to get a little inspiration (aka Pinterstation).

Pin for the cake
Pin for the cupcakes
Other cute kitty parties, click here to see my board.

Like I said, not a whole lot to go on here.
Balloons are from Party On.

For the rest I was pretty much on my own.  I did find a lot of generic party stuff in the right colors at Walmart.

And now for the picture dump.

Hard to tell but the banner says, "Fancy Feast"

I had to come up with a  a lot the names for food myself so they aren't the best.

A huge shout out to my neighbor Jessica for cutting all these out!

Luckily we had lots of stuffed cats laying around to decorate with.

I got all those paw print cups at the Dollar Store. 

My in-laws Lemonade Machine always makes it to the party!

Dessert Table

Had to order that cat balloon online.  Not a lot in the way of cat decorations.

Hard to believe how much she's grown!!

Treat bags and everything kitty related inside from Amazon, but tags from Pink Ink Creation 

The perfect purple kitty cake!

We got something we will probably never get again.... a warm party day in December!  Warm enough to get the bouncy house out!

As always, a huge thank you to all our family and friends for coming out to celebrate our sweet girl with us.  It really was the purrrfect day.  See what I did there? ;)

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