Monday, July 30, 2012

Amanda vs Pinterest Week 1

So one of the main reasons I wanted to start a blog is so I can share my attempts at making things I pin on Pinterest.  Everything on Pinterest in always so beautiful and perfect... and I KNOW that's not the way it is in real life- at least not for me (and I hope not for everyone else too).  But you hardly ever see the failures.  Well, I am here to show you that you're not the only person who tries things you pin on Pinterest and fails miserably- I do it all the time!

But every once in a while- I succeed!  And it feels so good.

That's how it was this weekend.  My son, Logan, is turning 1 this coming Sunday.  We are moving to DC that weekend, so we had to have his party this past weekend.  I've been pinning ideas like a mad woman for his beach themed party.  In fact, one party goer even said to me, "If you make 1/2 of the things you've been pinning on Pinterest, this party is going to be awesome!"

And not to toot my own horn, but it was pretty awesome!

So here are my recreations, followed by the original pin from Pinterest.

First, there was the Nutter Butter flip flops (see bottom left corner on sand castle).  

I'm giving the edge to myself on this one.  Not only did I make them just as cute (I think) but I made a rice krispies treat sand castle to go with, which was my OWN idea (take that Pinterest!)

 j/k Pinterest, I'd be nothing with out you!

Moving on...

The fish bowl jello

My Mother in Law, Kris actually made the jello.  And it tasted awesome!  I haven't tasted the recipe from Pinterest, but we did modify it.  The original recipe called for unflavored gelatin, and we used some sort of "blue" flavor.  Looks wise, I think Pinterest may have won.  I think the lighter color makes it easier to see the fish, and their bowl was a little cuter.  But I think ours probably tasted better.  I'm saying it's a draw on the jello.  

The watermelon shark

Ok, I think Pinterest wins on this one.  They are pretty much better in every aspect.  But for my first time carving a watermelon at midnight on a few hours of sleep, I don't think I did too bad- at least it was recognizable!

The veggie dip octopus

I think they look about the same.  Pinterest's eyes are a little better.  But overall, a wash.

Sand pudding

I think I win!  Actually, Kris wins.  She made the sand pudding for the party.  It was so tasty.  But I did decorate, and I think it looks pretty cute.  Adds a little pizzazz that the Pinterest sand pudding was 

And here's my little boy.  Hard to believe he's one.  He beats out any baby on Pinterest if you ask me!

 Overall, I think my Beach Birthday Party was a success!  Thanks again Pinterest for all the wonderful ideas!

Click here for the Sand Pudding Recipe

Click here for the Fish Bowl Jello Recipe
 (remember we used "blue" flavored jello instead of plain gelatin.  

 Speaking of Pinterest... follow me, won't you?


  1. Looks like a huge success and a party Logan will look back on and know how much you cared about him to plan such a fun themed party!!! i love your blog idea and am so happy you started one!!! makes me more motivated to keep going on ours! we sure do miss you guys!

    1. Thanks Jenna! We sure miss you guys too. Your little Paris is such a doll! Can't wait until we can all get together. Have fun in FL!!