Friday, July 15, 2016

Logan Turns 4

Since Logan's 5th birthday party is in like 3 weeks, I figured I'd better blog about his 4th birthday... slacker, I know.

While looking through my "recent" blog posts, (recent meaning the last 6 months) I realized I never posted a thing about Logan's 4th birthday party.  Logan this past summer was all about Superman.  In a kind of obsessive way, as seen here:

So when planning his party, I knew it was going to be very SUPER.

I'll start off by saying, I leaned heavily on these pins:


for all my ideas.  You know me, if it ain't Pinterest, it ain't happening.

Now onto the party!

Clearly, I do not have a future in cake decorating.  

All balloons and party supplies from Party On.  
The spread!

This is popcorn, if you couldn't tell...

See bottom of the page for food printables.

I found the perfect, perfect Superman to come to Logan's party.  It seriously made the day!  Unfortunately, the company that provided Superman doesn't do Superman anymore.  But they do have other characters, and I would highly recommend them!  Their website here.

They played games with the kids, and Logan was seriously in heaven!

Super girl came too, free of charge which was awesome!

Quite possibly my favorite picture ever.

That's one happy boy, right there!

Logan was dying to show Superman his playroom, and even though he had to go, Superman took the time to go see it with him, and come inside for one last hug.  He was really great.

Cake time!

We are always so thankful for our friends and family that come to our crazy parties!

So there you have it.  It was an awesome day, and although we are neck deep in planning a Star Wars birthday party right now, Logan STILL talks about this party and the day "The REAL Superman came to my birthday."  This one may never be topped!

Food Printables Available Here

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