Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ansley White (Part 1)

photo courtesy of Gianna James Photography

So now that you have heard what our kids wanted to name our new baby, and now that's she's FINALLY here, let me tell you the story of her name.

As previously mentioned, Daniel and I could not agree on a name for our sweet little miss.  I was a good 4 months pregnant, and we still didn't know.  I'm the type that likes to decide on a name and start calling the baby that.  I think it really helps me bond.  Anyway, none of the girl names that we had previously liked or talked about seemed to be "it".  Super, super frustrating for me!!  Back in February we went to Disney World on a whirlwind vacation.  I prayed and prayed for a sign that I would know this little girl's name.

Our last day at Disney, Logan was a touch ill.  I think it was just severe exhaustion, but he just wasn't himself.  On our way out on the Monorail that last day, we sat next to an adorable family with the cutest blond hair, blue eyed girl.  Amazingly, Logan just came to life talking to this little girl.  They were laughing and whispering in each other's ears.  It was like they had been lifelong friends.  My boy that hadn't been at all himself, was finally laughing and smiling.  I looked down at the girl's sweater and she had on a pin that said, "Happy Birthday Ansley!  I'm 5!"

Ansley.  The name took me by surprise.  For one, I had never hear it before.  And two, I instantly felt a connection and liking to the name.

We parted ways with sweet little Ansley and her family, and began our walk back to the car.  I asked Daniel what he thought of the name Ansley which he immediately responded, "I hate it, it sounds like a made up name."

Typical Daniel.  He's very particular about names.  But I wasn't going to give up so easily.

"I think it may be the name.  I may have just had my sign.  Did you see Logan and that little girl on the Monarail?  If it's not made up will you consider it?"

"Look it up"

So right there in the Disney World parking lot, I googled Ansley.  Turns out it is an old English surname.  Named after Ansley, England.  My parent's served their mission in England.  Score 1.  It means "Finds solace in the meadow."  My eyes welled with tears.  Logan is a Scottish name that means "meadow."  Score 2.  We had found our name.

Now to find a middle name.....

Tune in next time for the epic conclusion to naming our baby!!

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