Thursday, February 18, 2016


It's me.  I'm sure you're probably sick of Adele references by now, but I just couldn't resist.  So wow, the last time I wrote was about forever ago! And by forever, I mean October.  But seriously, that is a long time.  Especially in my life right now, it's a LONG TIME!

Let's start by how every single thing in my life is different now than it was in October.  No really, I'm serious.  Pretty much my whole life has been turned upside down.

First, in November we found out that we are adding another little munchkin to the clan in July.  Of course, I was absolutely CONVINCED the baby was boy.  I was keeping Daniel up at night trying to come to an agreement on a BOY name.  But then, wouldn't you know it... we are having another little GIRL.  I was shocked.  So now I keep Daniel up late at night trying to come to an agreement on a GIRL name.  Still no concurrence though, which is driving me BONKERS, and suggestions are very welcome.

Next, if you haven't noticed gas prices are WAY down.  Great for most of you, but not so great for an oil and gas attorney.  So Daniel has been putting his feelers out for another job.  He's a hot commodity, so of course he got a job no problem, back at a conservative think tank, which I know he is going to love.  One problem- it's 3 hours away.

Which brings me to my next change.... moving.  Now we are faced with possibly selling our house and buying a new house, something I know absolutely nothing about, and which also terrifies me.  So any suggestions/advice on that front would be welcome as well.  This probably won't be happening for at least a few months, but it's definitely been on my mind.

If you're keeping score... basically, a new baby, a new job, and a new house are all on our horizon.  Other minor changes include Logan starting all day preschool in March and Reagan 92% potty trained.  We also took our very first family vacation on a whirlwind trip to Disney World in Florida, which was amazing, fun, exciting, enchanting, but most of all EXHAUSTING!  Don't forget about Reagan's birthday, Christmas, my parent's visiting, the new Star Wars movie coming out, and buying a new car.  I think that about covers it.

Here's hoping I can keep you updated at least every 2 months from here on out! ;)

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