Thursday, August 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Logan

Last night, was the last night I would tuck you in bed as a four year old.  After I had put your sisters to bed, and we were alone, we sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (aka the Dorothy Song) together.  As I listened to your sweet singing voice, and looked down at your Junior Ranger vest you insist on wearing 24/7 these days, even to bed, tears welled up in my eyes.  4 has been a great age.

4 has been the age of Star Wars, "spooky things", and Legos. The age of tricks, playing tackle with Daddy, being silly, scaring me before bath, and climbing on everything. It has been the age of learning.  Learning to read, learning how to control your emotions, and how to sit still in circle.  How to make new friends, and how to treat old ones.  4 has been the age of standing out.  From your light up robot costume at Halloween, to your loud renditions of The Phantom of the Opera, to stage jumping to fight Darth Vader at Disney World, you always stand out in a crowd.  Your passion, enthusiasm, and determination set you apart as someone special.  4 has been fun.  Adventures with Superman, fighting Darth Vader, getting purple donuts, swimming with friends, snowball fights, and being a different character every day.  You have definitely learned more about love this year.  You learned to love friends like family, even telling people that you have a brother named Vincent.  You began to truly love Reagan, to teach her things, and become her best friend. You loved a baby that you had never even met and gave Ansley the biggest and most loving welcome into our family.

Logan, you are amazing and such a joy.

So as I kissed your head and hugged you tight for one last time as 4, and I reflected on the past year, I couldn't help but think about the blessing it is to be your mother, and how you've made the past 5 years even better than I could have imagined.  I knew being a mother would be a wonderful adventure, but I never knew that being Logan's mother would be the MOST wonderful adventure.

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