Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Day in the Life Of...

I have to start off this post by saying that I love TimeHop.  It's an app that shows you what the heck you were up to 1, 2, even 5 or 10 years ago today on Social Media.  For me, 1 or 2 years ago I'm almost always posting a picture of my munchkins and 5 years ago I'm almost always posting and oversharing some dumb status on Facebook.  But yesterday, I was reminded that a year ago I posted The Longest Blog Post in History aka A Day in the Life Of... where I chronicled everything I did for an entire day.

So that got me thinking... how fun would it be to do this again... 1 year later.  (Fun for me, not you. Feel free to skip this blog post at anytime without judgment)  What has changed, what has stayed the same?  I'm sure you're all dying to know!  I also did a post similar to this in 2013, and I know a lot has changed since then.  How fun it will be for me (not you, you can stop reading now if you like) to look back at these posts years from now and remember all these details I'm sure I'll forget.  I learned my lesson from last year though, and I will keep my pictures to a minimum, I promise!

So may I proudly present: 

October 1, 2015.  

Unlike last year, when Reagan woke me up with her screams at 7:29 am, this year I got myself up at 5:32 am via FitBit vibrations.  

I snoozed once and then hauled my tired body down the stairs where I began the misery that is my exercise regime entitled T25 with Shaun T.  

Upon completion of said workout, I headed upstairs to shower before the children awoke.  

I weigh myself every morning, and I'm proud to say, I have FINALLY lost the last of the weight from Reagan and am back to my pre-baby weight of 140 lbs.  She's only 21 months!  #highfive

After I got out of the shower I heard that my sweet little Miss had finally arisen from her slumber, so I quickly got dressed and headed in to get her.  We read a couple stories until her elder brother joined us.  

We headed down stairs where they watched Bubble Guppies and I finished getting ready and sent a Snap or two to Daniel at work, because he pretends to care about what I wear each morning.  

After Bubble Guppies it was time for breakfast.  The kids had Eggo Waffles, I had cereal and a banana, and we all split a smoothie.

(In case you're wondering my smoothie recipe is frozen strawberries, some sort of berry lite yogurt, a handful of Spinach, a banana, and milk.)

Reagan and her babies.  This picture sums her up to a T!

After breakfast, we had to hurry, hurry, and get dressed to get Logan off to school.  

Reagan's ensemble:

Logan's acceptable clothing:

We brushed teeth:

Waved to the imaginary cat in the front yard:

Made beds:

And were on our way.  

We pulled into the preschool parking lot exactly at 9:00 am.

Logan gladly left the rest of his blood relatives behind, and Reagan and I headed to the bathroom.  

Yes, I've begun to potty train her.  I'd say it's going relatively well.  A solid C+ effort from both of us.

She loves an audience, I'll give her that.  

And loves to wash her hands, so that's always a good thing, too.  

Back in the car and headed to the library for story time!  You'll remember last year, that we also headed to story time, and that Logan had to be carried out screaming and crying for being bad.  

Thankfully, this year I was taking the better behaved child.  

She's a dream.  

We picked out a new book,

Played with the puppets,

Did everything we were supposed to....

and then left happily.  

Sometimes I think Reagan's behavior is my reward after enduring Logan's.  

After story time, I had to run a few errands and then it was back to pick up Logan from school.  

Here he is showing me his cat that he made:

Some of our other preschool swag.  (-Sidenote- Parents:  What do I do with all this "art"??  He's only been in school 4 weeks and I'm already swimming in scribbles!)

We came home and I put Reagan down for her nap while Logan looked at his new books from the Scholastic Book Fair at school.  I was so thrilled to find out they were still doing these.  It was always a highlight for me.  

Anywoo, I came back and made us lunch:


Mine (entire thing only 313 calories!):

Recipe for my soup here.

Then we got out the Legos and Logan played while I made dinner.  Lasagna Rolls recipe here.  

Although, I did have to take a short intermission to help him build a Lego house.  

Which he promptly turned into a robot.  Master builder in the house!  :)

Amazingly, Reagan was still sleeping after all this, so we decided to make Zucchini Bread too.   

Just as I was putting it in the oven, I heard her bouncing and saw her looking out the window.  Always such a happy girl.

We came down stairs,got Reagan some lunch, and I let them watch Halloween Simple Songs.  Our favorite YouTube video.  

After lunch, the weather was so beautiful outside, I knew we had to go to the park.

While there, I snapped this picture:

Which I think might be my new favorite of my kids.  LOVE!

When we got home, the kids watched ANOTHER Bubble Guppies (it's Reagan's favorite, and Logan usually obliges), while I got dinner in the oven, made a salad, ate two pieces of zucchini bread, and scrolled Instagram and Facebook (guilty!).

Before we knew it, Daddy was home early, which NEVER happens, but when it does, we love it!

We ate dinner,

took a bath,

said Goodbye to Daddy, who had to go to a church meeting,

and got jammies on.  

I took this silly picture of Reagan, because she's just so cute!

We ended the day in Logan's bed reading a book, just like we always do.  

The kids went to bed around 6:45, I came down stairs, cleaned up the dishes, and now me and the dog are relaxing on the couch, waiting for Dad to get home.  

And that is my day.  In fact, this is most of my days.  I think I'll do a post tomorrow comparing and contrasting this year vs last year, but I just have to say.... my life is the best!!  I wouldn't change a thing!

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