Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Day in the Life Of...

Wow!  I'd like to start by saying "Thank You!" for all the sweet comments and positive feedback from my last post.  

And now... to show you just how ordinary my life is... I present:

A Day in the Life of Amanda Dew

I did a post like this about a million years ago it seems, while we were living in Virginia.  And I'll tell you what... it's amazing how some things change and how some things never will!

Without further ado...

Today was Friday, September 26, 2014.  

I awoke at 7:29

To the sound of Reagan's screams.  Around 7:32 I finally got myself out of bed and was greeted by this happy face:

I swear she's human... just neon from the sun coming in through her pink curtains.
 I changed her diaper, fed her, and then we read a couple stories.  Meanwhile, I could hear Logan get Daddy up and they headed downstairs.

Reagan and I came downstairs and surprise, surprise, Logan is watching Thundercats!

After a rousing adventure with Lion-O.  It's time for the most dreaded part of my day...

Exercise. Ugh
Thankfully, Shaun T is there to will me to the finish, and thank goodness it's only 25 minutes!

Meanwhile Reagan is doing this...

And Logan is playing games on my phone.  Because I am a stellar parent.  

A collection of things I picked up off the floor during my workout that Reagan was chewing on.
After I finished with that torture, it was time for breakfast.  Logan wanted Aebleskivers.  I obliged, knowing that this will make the last 25 minutes of my life completely void, but oh well.  

Always willing to lend a sword hand.

The final result satisfied the munchkins.

Towards the end of breakfast, Daniel joined us and told me he was leaving for work in 10 minutes.  My mind automatically flashed: SHOWER, SHOWER!!  So I took off capitalize on the opportunity.

(In case you're wondering, the final Aebleskiver tally was:
Logan: 6
Mom: 4 (including one that fell into the fire)
Daniel: 2
Reagan: 1
Cuddles: 1 (Reagan gave it to him)

Of course I was greeted by

A sword in the shower.  Courtesy of Reagan I'm sure ;)

As soon as I got out of the shower, Daddy had to go.  :(

Somehow Logan had lost his pants, so I decided it would be a great chance to get him dressed.  

Complete with cape of course!
And make his bed...


Then Reagan had also somehow lost her pants... so it was time to get her dressed...

But not before changing Logan from Superman to Bob the Builder.

2 kids dressed!  But keep in mind, I'm still not dressed.

Next we made my bed...

Avoided what could have been disaster...

And viola!

Then I found a bow in the pocket of my robe I haven't seen since Reagan's blessing day.  

It's the little things, people!
I glanced into the laundry room on the way up to the playroom and see Logan doing a little foreshadowing into my afternoon...

Folding laundry... my least favorite chore!
Then we made our way up, up, up to the playroom!

Where Reagan enjoyed a little He-Man chewing while I get some clothes out of my closet that is also on the third floor.

I entertained the idea of matching chambray shirts, but decided against it.
With Logan seemingly preoccupied in a "Take me out to the ballgame" sing-a-long with The Thundercats, Reagan and I headed downstairs so I could FINALLY get dressed.  

BOOM!  And I only got out of the shower an hour ago.  Winning!

Reagan wanted to go back up the playroom...

And while I considered it, this mess:

Was still lingering in the back of my mind, so we headed downstairs to tidy up instead.  

Awww... much better!

Then it was time to head to the library for our weekly story time.  I managed to get some shoes on Logan and we headed to the car.  But not without a quick ride on our tractor:

We arrived at the library, and Logan of course, waited patiently for me to walk him inside.

He played with some fellow story-timers, before we headed off to partake in the learning.

 Things started out alright...

But went downhill in a hurry....

Notice all the other kids sitting nicely on their carpet squares while that little boy in the grey shirt jumps up and down like a lunatic.  Yeah, that's my son.

When he started doing this:

I knew that he had worn out our welcome, and we made a swift exit, Reagan in one arm, and Logan under the other, screaming and crying like a banshee.  

This is what we call "the hard way" at our house.
 Speaking of our house, it looked so beautiful when we arrived, I had to take a picture of it.

Logan played in his sandbox while I made lunch:

He HAD to come taste the peanut butter from his JUST peanut butter sandwich, though.

Lunch of champions.  

We were just about to eat, when things got a little crazy.  

Daddy came home for lunch.  

When Logan went out to greet Daddy, we saw our neighbor Leilah across the way, and so we HAD to greet her:

They love each other.
And invite her to come play in our sandbox.

And to come inside for some grapes.  

Reagan was seriously, seriously in need of a nap so I left these two with Daddy and put Sleeping Beauty down for some good quality sleep:

When I came back Leilah was gone and Logan and Daddy were eating lunch:

I joined them.  Leftover chili.  Yum!

Daddy went back to work, and I was just about to put Sir Logan down for his nap, when...

Grouchy pants awoke just 15 short minutes after I put her down.

Neither or us were very happy about it.
 So she had to join us as I read Logan a story and put him to bed.

Almost done, Mom?
Any day now...
Seriously, are you done yet?
With Logan tucked safe and sound, it was time for Reagan to get some lunch:

Mac N Cheese it was
Somewhat appeased...
Cuddles was on clean up crew, of course.

And then, since Reagan has had a pretty bad diaper rash from her recent stint on antibiotics, I let her crawl around naked for a while...

It was all fun and games until...

You can see where this is going... it didn't end well.  Cuddles also pooped.  (you're welcome for no pictures)

So after I cleaned up those messes, I went up to put Reagan BACK in bed.  

After sweet Reagan was back to sawing logs, I knew it was time to tackle my arch nemesis... 

Folding laundry.

I rewarded myself by watching a little 19 Kids and Counting whilst amidst the torture.  

But then... 

Reagan was up again!!

10 minutes later...Back in bed.

And then...laundry success!

With two kids asleep and the laundry folded, I turned my sights to dinner.  I didn't have anything in mind so I took to my favorite virtual pinboard

And after deciding on chicken and rice,

Our best napper was up for good.

Followed swiftly by her brother.

Logan helped me put the clothes away.

Nailed it.
And then I told him he could watch Frozen while I made dinner.

Reagan and I even watched for a little while until...

Daddy came home!  I handed off the little miss and went to work in the kitchen.

While watching, Logan took the pillows off.  One of his favorite games that drives me CRAZY!

In no time it was time for our nightly feast!

Give Logan any type of chicken for dinner and a little bit of BBQ sauce and he'll eat it.  Bless him.

Then he took his plate to the sink like a good boy.

After dinner Daddy played with the children, bathed them, and got them in their jammies while I cleaned up dinner...

Best. Daddy. Ever.
After I got Reagan all squared away for the night, I met up with Daddy and Logan in the play room.  Logan asks every night, "Do we have time to play in the playroom before bed?"  We usually do, and I think it's his favorite time of the whole day.

Tonight Daddy was teaching Logan how to properly throw a football.  Kid's got an arm, that's for sure!
We ended up making quite a mess, so we cleaned it all up before heading down stairs for bed.

If you haven't noticed, I'm a little OCD about clutter.
We brushed teeth...

Read scriptures and said prayer.

Then Logan and I read more stories and had a song.  Before I left I took a picture of Logan in bed.  He asked me why I was taking a picture of him and then he wanted to take a picture of me.

This is nightmare inducing, I'm sure.
And here's where I'll leave you... Daniel and I cuddled up on the couch watching TV.  Another day in the books.  

**Deep sigh of relief**

Wow, this turned out to be the longest (and most boring) post in the history of blogging.  So there you have it.  A regular old day in my life.  

Some days I think, wow, we got absolutely nothing accomplished today.  And that's probably true.  Today was a little like that.  But looking back I can see:  We ate 3 meals together as a family.  We spent a lot of time together playing and laughing, all four of us.  We spend time outside.  We spent time with friends.  Logan helped with chores.  Both kids napped (eventually).  We (tried) to spend time learning.  Sure, each day by itself isn't anything to write home about (or write blogs about, I've realized) but put them all together and I think my time spent on the day to day grind will make a big difference in the lives of my children and for our family.  I thank God everyday for this ordinary life of mine.  

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