Friday, October 2, 2015


So yesterday I gave you all the pleasure of following me around for a day.  Walking in my shoes if you will.  I'm sure some of you thought, "Wow, her life is SOOO boring!"  or "Doesn't she ever do anything fun??", maybe "Does she ever get out?" and yeah, I think that sometimes too.  But actually, examining my day and comparing it to last year, made me a little bit proud of myself.  I've come a long way in a year!!  I think I'm way more organized, get way more done, and *gasp* my kids are still alive and kickin', and possibly even smarter and better behaved!  I eat a lot better and even get dressed everyday!  In my stay at home mom world, I feel a little bit like I'm the queen of my castle.

Last year, my kids got me up and I didn't exercise, shower, and get ready until well after 10 o clock.  This year, I got up on my own, exercised, and showered before my kids got up at 7 o clock.  Win!

Last year I had to drag Logan out of story time for not listening and behaving very badly!  Now he is a decently behaved preschooler (so his teachers tell me) and Reagan never needs to be dragged out of anywhere for being bad.  Win!

Last year Reagan took 3, 15 minute naps, this year she took well over a 2 hour nap.  Every mom out there say it with me: Win!

Last year, Logan also took a nap, but alas, this year Logan no longer naps.  Boo!  But he will independently play with Legos all day if you let him, almost as good as a nap.  Win!

Last year, Reagan pooped all over herself, and Cuddles pooped in the house.  This year, they are both potty trained for the most part and I find myself cleaning up less poop than ever before!  Win!

Unfortunately, there are some losses as well.  I'd say our biggest loss is the time we spend with Daniel.  Last year he was working in an office 5 minutes from home, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us, and had tons and tons of time to play with the kids throughout the day.  Now, Daniel is often traveling for work and the kids only see him a few nights a week.  We are praying and searching for a job opportunity to open up so that he can be home more.  So while it totally sucks that he's gone so much, I think it's actually made me a stronger person.  I'm the type that if I have someone to rely on, I will do it.  But if I have to step up to the plate, I feel like more often than not I can rise to the challenge.  It is because of the lack of help, if you will, that I am more organized, more on top of things, and our home runs a little more smoothly.

At the end of the day, I'm grateful everyday for this life.  I wouldn't have picked it any other way.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to stay home with my kids.  I know it's not for everyone, but I also know there are women out there that wish they could live the life I get to live everyday.  I'm grateful for the happy, fun times, but also for the hard times that give me the opportunity to grow.

So now the only question on my mind is.... what on Earth will my life look like 1 year from NOW??  Only time will tell I suppose... :)

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