Thursday, September 4, 2014

What Logan Said...

A while back I did a post on all the funny/sweet/weird/off the wall comments Logan made as we went about our days here on the home front. Well, we are back at it with round two. Logan says noteworthy things all day long so this is just a small taste of my world. 

Not to keep you waiting:

While wearing a penguin hat in regards to Cuddles being outside: 

"I will save him because I'm a penguin. Waddle waddle waddle"

While trying to decide on our afternoon activity: 

Mom: "Do you want to go to the park or the mall. We only have time to go to one."
Logan: "The pall"

After Mom calls Reagan a lady:

"Mommy, Reagan is not a lady. Ladies talk like this- 'Get me my bear, please'" (in English accent)

After Mom calls Logan handsome (on a weekday):

"I'm not handsome right now, Mommy. I'm cute. I'm only handsome on Sundays."

To Cuddles:

"I'm going to pour syrup on you and eat you like waffle."

Wishing Grandma Goodnight:

"Goodnight, Princess."

Discussing dinner plans: 

"But Mommy, sugar is my favorite dinner."

After Grandpa almost stepped in dog poop:

(very sternly) "Stepping in Cuddles' poop is not a good idea, Grandpa."

While roaring at a boy we didn't know who kept running away at the park:

Mom: "Why are you roaring at that boy?"
Logan: "Because I'm his friend."

At dinner:

Dad: "You should use your fingers to eat your grapes instead of your fork."
Logan: "This is how I roll, Dad"

While grabbing Reagan and Cuddles:

"I have the best babies in the whole world!"

Before lunch:

"Mommy, can the Thunder Cats join us for lunch?"

Before breakfast:

Mom: "What would you like for breakfast, Logan?"
Logan: "No, Mommy. What would you like for breakfast? I think we have leftover meatballs. Would you like leftover meatballs for breakfast, Mommy?"

A laugh a minute this one: 

Every. Single. Minute.

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