Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Final Summer ReCap

I know, I know.  You're sick of hearing about our summer.  But I'm doing one final post for anyone out there who thinks there's NOTHING TO DO IN NORTHEAST OHIO!  It's simply not true.  There's tons to do, a lot of it free, a lot of it close to free, and yes, some things that are a little more pricey.

Aside from our adventures with my parents (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) we also did a few more cool things before and after they left.  The fun abounds people, the Ohio fun abounds.

So without further ado...

50 FUN Summer Things to Do with your kids in Northeast Ohio:
(disclaimer- we've done MOST, but not ALL of these, just something to look forward to for next summer)

1.  Go to a Water Park

2.  Go to a Fair or Festival

3.  Go Berry Picking 

4.  Oh Wow!  Children's Museum

5.  Ride the Cuyahoga Train

6.  Hale Farm

7.  Go To the Cleveland Zoo

8.  Go to the Akron Zoo

9.  Go to the Columbus Zoo 

10.  Go to Wagon Trails

12.  Willow Lake (world's largest manmade concrete bottom swimming lake)

14.  Go Bowling

16.  Visit White House Fruit Farm (and get a blueberry donut.  Don't question it, just do it!  You're welcome!)

17.  Aurora Farms Outlet Mall (they have a duck pond for the kiddos!)

18.  Grove City Outlet Mall (playground for the kiddos!)

20.  Go see a Minor League Baseball Team Play (We saw the Mahoning Valley Scrappers)

23.  Check out an event at your local library (we saw Outback Ray  and also went for Side Walk Chalk Day)

26.  Cedar Point (we didn't go this summer, but have been before.  It's amazing!)

27.  Go to a Concert at Blossom (Hello, Luke Bryan!)

30.  Get Giant Pancakes at Breakfast at Tiffany's  (the biggest I've ever seen- and CHEAP!)

31.  Go for a Bike Ride (bring bug spray!)

32.  Go to the Circus (they frequent Cleveland and Youngstown during Spring/Summer, I think we went in May)

33.  Go to a Movie (we caught Planes and The Muppets this summer)

34.  Go Fishing (I've never been fishing in Ohio, but I know they have great fishing around)

40.  Go to Mesopotamia General Store in Amish Country (Get a fry pie.  You're welcome!)

41.  Get Icecream in Parkman at Frozen Dee-Lites (Just get a plain vanilla soft serve cone.  You're welcome!)

42.  Eat at Mary Yoder's (Order pie.  Any kind.  You're welcome!)

43.  Go to the Amish Cheese Factory and Museum (Then go home and make grilled cheese.  You're welcome!)

44.  COSI Science Center (Located in Columbus and Cleveland)

45.  Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (fun for adults, but never taken the kids)

47.  Football Hall of Fame (never taken the kids here either)

49.  Go to a garage sale or flea market. (there are seriously tons and tons of them in Ohio in the summer)

and if all else fails...

50.  Stay home, get out the lawn chair, fill up the kiddie pool, turn on the sprinkler, and relax!

See!!  So much to do!  I'm putting this list away until next summer.  But, I'm starting to get really excited about FALL!!  If you think Summer in Ohio is fun, just wait until Fall.

When we first moved back to Ohio I was bummed because I thought there was nothing around to do.  Wow, was I wrong!  It's all about going out and finding it and then going and doing it! Today- BEGIN!

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