Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reagan Month to Month

When one of my most favorite bloggers, Erika, over at Life Unfluffed had her first daughter she did the neatest thing to record her growth each month.  She took a picture of her in a plain white onesie and headband on the same quilt each month.  I was so completely unorganized when I had Logan that there was no way I could have pulled that off.  But now that I've got myself [somewhat] together, I knew I wanted to do this for my sweet daughter.

Enter my wonderful angel mother and her seriously seriously amazing quilting skills.  Back when I was home in July 2013 when I was pregnant with Reagan, she showed me one of her old coloring books from when she was a girl and asked me to pick out a few of my favorite pages so she could turn them into quilt blocks for a quilt for Reagan.

I never could have even imagined what she could turn that into.

Come Christmas 2013 and she presented Reagan and me with a most treasured piece of art.

The pictures really don't do it justice.  It is so detailed:

All handmade:

And so meaningful:

It includes fabric from some of my old Christmas dresses, and little momentos of my grandmother and mother:

And I love that it has a nod to my Christmas baby without being a stictly Christmas blanket, ya know?

She even included an elephant for Logan.  

And the fabric she chose says "Security is a thumb and a blanket"... an ode to my thumb sucking days.  

I love it and will cherish it all the days of my life, and so will Reagan, and so will my granddaughters, and great-granddaughters, and so on and so forth.  

And so, it was the perfect choice as the background for her monthly pictures.  

I'll share all the monthly pictures with you when Reagan turns 1, but for now, just let me show you her most recent one: 9 months:

Sweet Reagan is the happiest, smiliest, easiest baby ever.  She almost always sleeps all the way through the night.  She is a great eater, and is usually just content to crawl around and chew on whatever she can find (the dog's toys are her favorite).   She has really grown up in the last month.  She can clap and crawl and pull herself up and wave.  She is also starting to blow kisses, cruise, and climb up stairs.  She still thinks big brother is hilarious and loves to be around him and doing whatever he's doing.  I'm so touched and proud of the bond they share.  No matter what kind of mood the other is in, their sibling can always make them laugh and smile.  Reagan also loves Cuddles.  I think they are kindred spirits in a way.  They are just drawn to each other.  Probably because they are at the same height and intelligence level.  And Reagan loves to give Cuddles her leftover food.  

Reagan loves to hear the sound of her own voice.  Especially if that sound is a high pitched scream.  She can also say momma and dadda.  If I take too long getting her out of the crib in the morning or after nap, you can hear her in there saying, "momma, momma, momma."  It's adorable!  She's definitely still a momma's girl.  She wants to be wherever I am.  As long as she can see me, she's happy!  But she's also becoming quite the explorer and getting into everything, so I know this attachment phase won't last long.  I'm trying to soak it up as long as I can!

Along with Logan, Reagan is the light of our lives.  I thank God everyday that He entrusted me with such a special little girl.  We are beyond blessed!  

And here she comes!  So I better go!

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