Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Being Extraordinary in an Ordinary Life

On all accounts my life is pretty ordinary.

I'm a 27, white, Christian, married woman.

I have 2 kids.  1 boy.  1 girl.

By society's standards I don't have a job.

I stay at home and take care of my children, while my husband works as an attorney.

I live in the suburbs in a brick house.

I drive a small SUV.

I am the author of an extremely small blog, and I overuse social media to post pictures of my cute kids.

Yep, me and about every other Mormon woman in America it seems like.

My life is a simple, standard, everyday American mother's life.

What's so special about me?


Let me back up.

My 10 year reunion is this year.  Which has got me thinking.... what the heck are my classmates doing with their lives?  What am I doing with my life?

I went to school with some crazy accomplished and talented people.  A broadway Jersey Boy, a Hollywood actor, an entrepreneur launching satellites into space, a renowned sculptor among others.  One of my best friends is living in Korea teaching English and planning her trip around the world.  A lot of people I know are living really exciting and fulfilling lives.

And me?

I won't give you the run-down of a stay at home mom's day, because I'm sure you already know.

It's not glamourous.  It's not exciting.  It's not extraordinary in any way.

So I've really been wondering lately.  What is the point?  Why stay home with my kids?  Will it really make a difference in their lives?  Am I just wasting my time and talents, when I could be off living a much more exciting life?  Why?

Then one day I decided to read, Heaven is Herewhich is the story of Stephanie Nielson, your everyday "mommy blogger," who was in a plane crash, survived, but had severe burns over 80% of her body.  It's Stephanie's memoir about her recovery and life before and after the crash.  I highly recommend the book and that you follow her blog.  I'll tell you what, if there was ever an extraordinary woman, it is Stephanie Nielson.  But what I realized after reading her book, was that she was extraordinary long before she was in that plane crash.  It was her extraordinary circumstances that really brought out her extraordinary character.

And even more, I realized that I am extraordinary despite my ordinary life.  When I was reading her book, I really connected with Stephanie's life before the crash.  It seemed like I could be reading a story about my own life.  We share so many similar experiences.  A happy marriage.  Beautiful children.  A loving family.  A fulfilling faith.  It dawned on me...it doesn't take a plane crash to bring out one's exceptional character and worth.

So, although my life is by the world's standards, quite ordinary,  I'm choosing to see the extraordinary within.  I have provided beautiful, perfect bodies for two human beings.  Children with infinite possibility.  That right there is a miracle.  And they are thriving.  They are learning and growing.  They truly are becoming little people.  I am doing that.  And guess what?  I'm their favorite person on earth.  When they are scared or tired or hungry or lonely, they want me.  And when the days are long and hard and we are all a little unsure where we belong in the world and we are crying trying to figure it all out, who is the one reassuring us we can do it, that it will be ok?  It's me.

I am the one who sings my children to sleep at night. I am the one who makes believe with them.  I am the one who dreams of their futures with them.  I am the one who shapes their choices and behaviors.  I am the one who helps them navigate this crazy world.  So, when you look at it that way, I'm not just a mother, I am an extraordinary singer, actor, dreamer, sculptor, and explorer.

Yes, my life is made up of ordinary events, but I am an extraordinary woman.  And my life can make an extraordinary difference.

And I made a meme to really bring the point home!!


  1. I love this post Amanda! You are an inspiration! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Emily!! Miss you! Hope you and your family are doing well!