Thursday, October 9, 2014

Baby Books

Let's be real for a quick sec.  Like extremely honest.  You might want to sit down for this....

Hold your breath....

I did not fill out a baby book.

For either of my children.

I know.  I know.  Parental shame, right here.  Please, don't everyone give me your most judgmental glare all at once.

Milestones.  They've been on my mind a lot.  Probably because Reagan is zipping right through them.  It's very exciting when your little one starts doing this:

But for me, after the excitement sort of died down, then I got to feeling bad because I couldn't remember when Logan did A LOT of things.  I want to be able to compare them, ya know?  But I can't remember, and I didn't write it down.  Shame.  I feel it.

It's just that baby books are so involved.  I didn't have time for it when Logan was a baby, working full time and such, and I definitely don't have time for it now, you know, with 2 kids (and 2 baby books to write).  And the longer it goes on, I know the more I'm going to forget.

Enter my insurance product management experience.  One night, I was thinking... I need a spreadsheet to keep track of all this stuff!  Ding, ding!  And designing it totally took me back to my analysis days, which was very nice for a change!

So here you go... a modern day, lazy, statistician mommy's version of a baby book:
Can you believe Reagan only hasn't done 3 of these things?? Where did my baby go?

You can add whatever event you want and make it as detailed as you want in the comments.

Boom!  Documented!

And remember how I said that I didn't remember what age Logan did a lot of stuff?  I don't.  So I just filled in what seemed to be an appropriate age.  Which events you ask?  I'll never tell!  And in a few years I won't remember that I made it up, and will think it is 100% accurate, so there you go!

Want to make one of your own?

Go for it!  I think it's pretty self-expalnatory.  You can either make a table in Microsoft Word, or use Microsoft Excel, like I did.  Follow the format I used and you can't go wrong!  You can also add any events (more rows) or additional kids (more columns) as needed.

Don't worry...I won't judge you for not making a baby book either! ;)

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