Wednesday, July 2, 2014

She is A Girl

I was in the check out line at Sam's Club yesterday when a sweet old lady approached me to look at Logan and Reagan.  This happens a lot (probably because my kids are so dang cute!!) and so I kindly tilted the cart her direction so she could see them.

Unlike usual, Reagan had no bow in her hair, was not wearing pink, was in a blue car seat and had not a ruffle to be seen.  In fact she was wearing blue.  Then the lady said something very profound to me.

"Even though that baby is wearing all blue, I can tell she is a girl.  She looks like a girl.  She is beautiful"

It really got me thinking.  Here's a baby.  6 months straight from heaven.  She had no outward signs of femininity in her dress or appearance.  And yet, it's obvious.  She is a girl.  She is dainty and refined and soft.  Her features are curved and kind.  And it doesn't stop at how she looks.  She is reserved and happy and sweet.  Everything about this new baby screams that she is a girl.  

Aren't the differences between men and women remarkable?  Having one of each has really made me see the beauty in the companion sexes.  It is so obvious to me that God has made women and men different.  Different in a good way.  Different in look.  Different in personality.  Different in responsibility.  Different, yet complementary.  Yes, of course boys and girls have lives, minds, and personalities of their own.  But gender plays a defining role in who we are.  In who we are born to be.  How honored I feel to be raising one of each.  A rough and tumble determined baby boy.  And a sweet, smart, caring baby girl.  

Clothes, hair, make-up do not make a girl.  She just is.  She is a girl.  

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