Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Randomness

Hello there.  Amanda here with some Friday randomness for you!

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How could I not start with the GIANT news about LeBron James coming back to Cleveland?  I'm not going to lie... the past few days, I have personally lost sleep about what in the world LeBron was going to do.  And Daniel?  Well he's just been one Twitter Refreshing mess around here.  So when the news finally broke that the rumors were true and The King was indeed coming back to Cleveland, we were all very excited.  Tears may or may not have been shed.  Partial season tickets may or may not have been reserved.  We are so thrilled to welcome King James home and cannot wait until basketball season.  Cleveland is going to be a very exciting place for years to come and we couldn't be more happy.

Speaking of happy.  Man, how did I luck out to get such a happy baby?  Reagan is seriously the happiest baby I have ever seen.  She is content to just sit on the floor or in your lap or in her Bumbo and chew on something and smile.  Everywhere we go I get comments on how good and happy she is. Whatever I did to get her, I'll never know, but I love her to the moon and back and twice on Sundays, and to Infinity and Beyond and could not image my life without her and the very thought of her makes me want to go grab her from her nap and give her a giant squeeze.  But I'm not an idiot, so I won't.

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Let's talk about Bumbos for a second.  What did mothers ever do without them?  I was thinking about it the other day.... where did you put the baby before we had Bumbos?  I think if I had to pick one cannot live without baby item, this would be it.  Oh beloved Bumbo- I will sing your praises and love you until my baby's fat thighs can no longer squeeze into your secure schlumped seating.

Let's all clap for the Bumbo!

You know what other baby items I love?  Walmart hairbows.  $2.50 and worth every stinkin' penny.  Perfect little pop for any outfit.  Perfect colors, perfect size, perfect stretchiness.  Perfect.  Perfect.  Perfect.  As seen by my overuse of them here:



And Here:

And I have about 5,000 pictures just like these I could have gone with.

As my mother has said:  "You know that saying, 'You're never fully dressed without a smile?'  For Reagan it's, 'You're never fully dressed without a hair bow.'  Too true momma.  Too true!

Well enough of my mindless dribble.  Get it, dribble? Totally brought this post full circle! Hope you enjoy a blessed weekend with your loved ones.

And Go Cavs!

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