Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Drum Roll Please!


The newest member of our family...

Mr. Cuddles.

As we were walking to the car after getting him, we asked Logan what we should name him.  Without hesitation Logan said, "I named him Cuddles."

So Cuddles it is.  I added the Mr. to make it a tad more manly.  He's a Maltichon.  Half Bichon, Half Maltese.  Also known as a little white ball of fur.

Daniel has been bugging me to get a dog since October.  Here's his reasoning:

"Amanda, you go to bed so early.  I need something that will stay up late with me and keep me company.

"The kids both love you best.  I need something that will love me best.

"I want a dog that will just sit on my lap all night long and love me."

I told this to my hairdresser to which she replied:  "Get him a dog.  Better that than another woman!"

Daniel would never.  But I still laughed and agreed.

What a better present for the man of the house for Father's Day.... a little sissy dog to sit on his lap and love him best!

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