Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014

We had such a fun day celebrating the Fathers in our lives yesterday.  When I think about my life and the greatest blessings that I have, my Dad and Daniel are definitely right at the tippy tippy top of the list.  They are pretty much the greatest men in the world.

Let's start with my dad.  He's always the life of the party.  He's fun and funny.  He loves to laugh and loves to make everyone around him smile as well.  He was definitely always the "funny dad" and I was always so proud he was mine.  And he is probably the most caring person I've ever known.  Every once in a while he will call me just to make sure I'm ok.  He'll say something like, "I just had a feeling that you might be sad, and I hate feeling like you're sad. It was bugging me so I just wanted to call and make sure you're happy."  Yeah, that pretty much sums up my dad: selfless and kind.  He has devoted his life to teaching children and he is the absolute best at it.  He has literally influenced thousands of lives for good.  If I become half the person he is, I will have lived a very happy, fulfilling life and done a heck of a lot of good.  One last quick story about him... he was my early morning seminary teacher my freshman and sophomore years in high school.  Meaning, we both dragged our bodies up every school day for 6:10 am scripture study.  He told me once that when he showered in the morning, he would set the temperature right in the middle between hot and cold so he wouldn't use all the hot water and I could have a hot shower everyday.  That's the kind of person he is.  A man that will take luke warm showers for 2 years so his daughter can have a hot shower.  I love him with all my heart.

Spoiler Alert!!!!!
And then there's my Daniel.  He is smart and hard working.  I've never met anyone who is as diligent and determined as Daniel.  He can do anything he puts his mind to.  He doesn't let limitations hold him back. If he wants something he goes and finds a way to get it.  He often stays up to 2 or 3 in the morning working and then gets up at 6 to go to work again.  He will out work anyone and that's why he's been so successful in his career up to this point.  He's also brilliant and has a gift of making complex things sound simple.  He has so many great ideas floating around in his head.  I know it's just a matter of time until one of those ideas changes the world.  But his number one priority is and always has been his family.  Why does he stay up so late working?  Because from the time he gets home to the time I go to bed it's 100% Logan, Reagan, and me.  He's rolling around on the floor with the kids and throwing them above his head and giving them horsie rides.  Then he's brushing their teeth and helping them with their prayers and reading bedtime stories, and tucking them into bed.  Then he's helping me clean the kitchen and folding laundry and talking and laughing with me until I fall asleep.  He's my best friend and I couldn't live without him.  And what I love most about Daniel, he will do anything to make me happy.  Literally, anything.  This man loves us and we love him.  We are so lucky to have him.

So what did we get the men who have given us so much?

For my dad, tickets to a PGA golf event for when they come visit and a Shutterfly book (that I had to do 3 times because my computer kept crashing).

And for Daniel...


Stay tuned :)

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