Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life With Two

The number one question I get now-a-days is "how is life with two?" My answer is always the same: "easier than I thought it would be."

And that's because I thought it would be darn near impossible. Before Reagan was born, I had nightmares about what life would be like upon her arrival. I dreamed of nursing the baby while Logan fell out a window. Or lit himself on fire. Or decided the kitchen knives were drumsticks. I imagined messes bigger than I could clean, and days longer than I could handle. I just couldn't see how it was possible. How do all these mothers out there take care of an infant AND a toddler? (not to mention a house, a husband, a budget, errands, etc.) 

Here's the bottom line: I can do it. One way or another I can do it. Sometimes this means Reagan gets set on the floor and cries for a minute or two while I'm dealing with Logan. Sometimes it means Logan makes a giant mess while I'm feeding Reagan (no falling out of windows or fire-yet). And ya know what, that's ok. Because I am only one person. One person trying to take care of two people that need me to do almost everything for them. So it's ok that sometimes one child takes a backseat when the other child needs me more. As long as they are both safe, healthy, fed, and loved I feel like I am doing an ok job. And I can do that. 

The one thing that has surprised me more than anything (other than I can do it) is how much more love you can find in your heart. I thought Logan took up all the room I had, but it's amazing that I love Reagan just as much. In fact I think having Reagan has made me love Logan even more. Crazy how those little munchkins burrow their way into your heart.

So how is life with two? Doable. And twice as sweet! 

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