Friday, November 8, 2013

What a Difference a Week Makes

First of all, thank you to all those who responded to my last post.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and supportive, to which I am super grateful!  I have the best friends and family around, just sayin'.

So this week I have been trying my very best to be a better momma.  And I have to say, wow!  What a difference a week makes.  I got some great advice from my own momma, she always knows just what to say.  She said, "Remember, these are the last 6 weeks you will have, just you and Logan.  Make the most of it."  It's so true.  Once the baby arrives (t-minus 40 days!!!!!!), things will never ever be the same.  I think that's a good thing for the most part, but it's true that Logan will not have my undivided attention anymore.  I really should try and make the most of our last few days alone.

So we've made some BIG changes around here, just in the last week.  The biggest change has been, limited TV.  This has been a toughy.  Logan loves nothing more than to spend his days with Jake and Mickey Mouse, but I knew deep down that it wasn't the best way to be spending our time, and I needed to fix that, no matter how hard it was going to be. Trying to make these moments count meant we were NOT going to be spending them sitting in front of the TV.  So we've played outside more, riding our trike, playing with sidewalk chalk, playing with our new neighbors, and exploring our super fun backyard.  We've also started a gymnastics class and have been going to 2 different story times at local libraries in the area.  And I feel like, just in the last week, Logan's mood (and mine) has done a 180 and he's made some huge intellectual strides as well.  He counted to 10 this week almost completely by himself!  He can identify every color.  He started "reading" books by himself, reciting some of the story from memory.  He also started singing songs word for word from memory.  He can name pretty much every letter, and can also tell you mommy starts with "M", daddy starts with "D", Jake starts with "J", and Logan starts with "L".  That's another thing, he started saying his name just this week.

Anyway, I know I'm bragging a little bit (I'm a mom, that's my job, right?), but what I'm really trying to say is that whether you have a new baby coming or not, these are the moments that count, each and every one.  I'm so grateful for the wake-up call I got last Sunday that I need to take advantage of the opportunity I have to raise this little, amazing, smart, funny, special little boy.  It is a once in a lifetime shot that I don't want to miss.

Here's some pictures from our fun week this week.

Love that sweet face.  

The rock we found on our nature walk.  

Hiding in his tent.  

Now that we aren't watching TV at meal time, it's like he is tasting everything for the first time.  He wants to lick everything before he eats it.  

He loves to ride his trike!

He's something else!

Loves to brush his teeth (and Jake's)

Caught him counting on the abacus at the library 

Lunch time is much more interactive now!

Ok, so maybe I let him eat 3 cookies one night before dinner, nobody's perfect!

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