Monday, November 11, 2013

Minnesota Fishing 2013

Since I was completely MIA from the blog this summer, I thought I'd do a couple posts to re-cap you on some of the fun we had this summer.

Minnesota fishing has been a family tradition in my family for generations.  My dad's parents have been making the trek from Illinois up to Minnesota to fish since before my dad was born.  I have wonderful memories from my childhood going fishing there with my grandparents.  It has been so instilled in me, that I think it was sometime in high school that I realized that "Minnesota Fishing" wasn't really a "thing" for everyone's family, just ours.  If it isn't a thing in your family, you really should change that, because it's a blast!

Anyway, although my family has continued to go year after year, I haven't been able to go since I was a teenager, and I haven't been able to bring my own little family to Minnesota yet either (ya know, law school, having a baby, working.... these things always get in the way!).  So this summer, the stars aligned, and Daniel and I were able to take Logan to join in the fun with my mom, dad, sister, and brother in law for fishing in Minnesota.

This trip did not disappoint and lived up to all my expectations from my childhood.  Late nights playing cards, early mornings out on the lake, yummy food, and great memories.  And Logan?  He loved it of course, and actually turned out to be quite the fisherman! I am so excited that he is going to have some of the same great fishing memories in his childhood that I have in mine!  Here's some pictures from our great week!

3 Generations of Fishers

My Dad, Fisherman Extraordinaire

My Boys!

Our First Fishes!

The Family that Fishes Together, Stays Together 
Helping Daddy Fish

Helping Momma Fish

My Beautiful Momma and her "Beauty"

I Spent a Good 20 Minutes Reeling in this "Beauty"

Absolutely Breathtaking!

Fishing Can Really Tire You Out

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