Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Through the Years

The last two years Logan didn't really get much of a say as to what he was going to be for Halloween.  Ok, he got no say.  This made it really easy to pick out his costumes.  Maybe too easy........

His first Halloween, I meant to get him a better costume, but just never got around to it, so he ended up in what was supposed to be his Halloween jammies, and went as a skeleton.

Adorable, but PJ's nonetheless
Year 2, I was determined to do something better!  I started thinking about it weeks in advance, and thought it would be fun to do a family theme and go as the cast of The Big Bang Theory, one of Daniel and my's favorite shows.  I was going to go as Penny, Daniel could be Lenard, and Logan would be Dr. Sheldon Cooper.  Well Halloween came, and all I had was Logan's costume.  I realized very quickly that NO ONE was going to get what he was dressed as, or even that he was in costume at all.

Anybody get it?  Anybody?
This lead me to Toys R Us Halloween Day to see if I could find something suitable for Logan to go to the Ward Trunk or Treat in.  Which landed me this beauty:

Yes, He's Micky Mouse, and Yes, He's Adorable
Which lent itself perfectly to me pulling out my Minnie ears from my last Disneyland trip...

Looks like I planned this, doesn't it?
Ok, so it turned out pretty cute, but I felt bad for again, making a game day decision!  I vowed that year 3 would be different!

For the first time, I knew I could get Logan really excited for Halloween if he was going to dress up like something he would really like.  There was really only one option.  It had to be Jake (as in, Jake and the Neverland Pirates).  Logan is obsessed with all things Jake and would watch him all day everyday if we allowed it.  Only problem was... Jake costumes are pretty pricy, and we were on a pretty tight budget.  

I had one shot to land the perfect Jake costume.  There is a second hand children's clothing store nearby that had over 300 garbage bags of Halloween costumes for sale.  Over a month ago (yes, I was finally prepared!) I went and scavenged through the racks until I found a pirate costume for $4!  Not Jake, but a pirate costume at least.  And yes, he absolutely loved it!!

He loved to "dress like Jake!" and it turned out to be perfect for him!  Still one problem though... neither Daniel or I dressed up!  Next year!  Next year, I will have family costumes for all 4 of us!  At least I succeeded for Logan this year!

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