Friday, October 25, 2013


Logan has been through a few phases in his short life.  First there was The Muppets phase, when all he wanted to do all day long was watch The Muppet Movie.  Then there was the wheel phase.  Every time he saw anything circular shape, he would turn it and squeal "wheel, wheel, wheel!"  We also had the bus phase, where every bus we saw Logan would scream out: "BUS".  We endured the wandering phase.  It didn't matter where we were, what we were doing, or how interested Logan was in the activity, he would go wandering off to bigger and better things and greener pastures.

Well Logan's latest phase is definitely the hiding phase.  He LOVES to hide.  This little boy will hide anywhere, in anything, in the light, in the dark, in plane view, or out of sight.  And just in case you are unaware that he is hiding, he will be sure to tell you with a simple, "I hide".  I keep telling Daniel that I think Logan may be practicing for a future career as a magician because he loves nothing more than being confined in a small space, in the dark, with people looking for him, and then miraculously emerging shouting, "Yay, I'm out!"  This phase has been especially intriguing in our new house.  Logan has managed to find every cubby hole, every closet, every shelf, every dark -creepy- corner and hide there.  You just never know where he's going to pop out of next!!

Examples of Logan "hiding":

Until the next phase kicks in....

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