Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spiritual Thought Sunday

Last night was a crazy night.  Logan woke up around 2:30 am because he was so wet that his PJ's were soaked.  So I changed his diaper, changed his clothes and sent him back to bed.  Then around 5:30 he woke up again, screaming.  I went in to check on him, and he was completely covered in blood.  It looked much worse than it was, only a bloody nose, but then he kept pointing to his right ear and saying "boo- boo".  He also asked me to kiss his ear, but even that pressure made him scream out in pain.  "Great", I thought to myself, "ear infection".  So after we cleaned him up, changed his bedding and his PJ's again, and gave him some medicine for the pain I sent him back to bed, knowing that in a couple hours, I would have to take him to the Urgent Care to get a prescription for his ear.

I'm always sad when my baby is sick, but I was particularly bummed out today because it was Sunday, and I knew I was probably going to have to miss church.  But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed ok to skip church today.  I hadn't slept all night, I was probably going to be at least an hour late, I had a sick baby, not to mention I'm 7 months pregnant and none of my church clothes fit.

So I woke up with full intentions of not going to church today.  When Logan woke up however, it was as if he had slept soundly all night and was in perfect health.  We were the first people at the Urgent Care and in and out in less than 45 minutes (I was right, ear infection).  Church starts at 10 and we were back around 9:45.  I knew I had no excuse now, and that we should rush to try to get to church.  We made it around 10:30, and although I was flustered and embarrassed to be walking into Sacrament Meeting so late, I immediately felt a calm about me and knew there was a reason we were meant to be at church today.  

When the concluding speaker began his talk, the first words he spoke were, "You are in the right place at the right time today.  All blessings are predicated on a commandment.  Attending your church meetings is a commandment and you will be blessed for being here today."  The spirit testified to me that what he was saying was true, and wondered to myself, "What blessings will I receive for coming to church today?"

My question was answered this evening when I put Logan to bed.  I knew that they had a lesson on prayer in nursery today, because when church was over, Logan came bounding down the hall to show me the paper he had scribbled on that had pictures showing prayer.  This evening when I was rocking Logan to bed, he folded his arms and said, "Pray".  He's done this before, meaning he wants ME to pray.  So as I started to say a simple prayer, he stopped me and said, "ME pray".  Then he offered his first simple prayer.  It went something like, "Bless Rachel, bless Isaac, bless Mammoo (Daniel's mom), bless mamma-diss (my mom), bless papa (Daniel's dad), bless papa (my dad), bless Rachel, bless Michael, bless Rachel, bless momma, bless mommy, bless daddy, bless Rachel, bless Isaac, bless Jake (as in Jake and the Neverland Pirates), bless the animals (??), bless Rachel, bless Mommy.  Jesus, AMEN".  It caught me so off guard that my eyes filled with tears, and I offered my own silent prayer to thank my Heavenly Father that we were able to go to church today so Logan could have that lesson on prayer.  It must have made somewhat of an impression on him, because he was able to pray all by himself today for the first time.  And it was a pretty good prayer too!  Only one fictional character in the whole bunch!

I know that God hears and answers even the simplest of prayers.  I know that He loves me and loves Logan.  I know He made it possible for us to make it to church today.  I know we were blessed for being there.  I'm grateful for the prayers of children, especially this little prayer tonight.

Every Sunday I find there is something I take home with me, a spiritual experience or even just a thought that I've had.  I'm going to start sharing them weekly here on the blog.  I hope you enjoy reading them!  Happy Sunday, everyone!

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