Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniel

Hey Daniel- this post is for you... I know you read all my blog posts (as you should because they're so awesome), but this one is JUST FOR YOU (but if someone else is reading this, please continue!)!

You're 28 today!  Happy birthday.  Since I didn't really get you a present this year (unless taking you shopping for new clothes counts) here a little something for you!

Proud Dad!
I've been spending a lot more time with Logan recently (haha as if you didn't already know that).  I want you to know, that our son is amazing.  But it's even more than that.  He's amazing because you teach him things.  He's amazing because you spend time with him.  He's amazing because you love him.  He's amazing because he's like you.  

What did I tell you, just like you!
How is he like you, you ask?  He has your drive.  If he wants to do something- by George, he's going to do it!  And he's going to be the best at it.  He wants to do it perfectly (I blame you for him not walking yet- hasn't mastered it yet!), and he wants to succeed at all he does.  Just like his old man.  

Going down the slide, whether mom likes it or not!
He has your love of learning.  Since the day he was born he's been observing everything, and soaking up every bit of knowledge he can.  He's so inquisitive.  You can see this in the way that he points at everything and asks "That?"  Just like how you're always studying, learning, and asking yourself "What's that?  How can I apply it?"

And oldie but goodie! - Learning law at a young age!
He has your ability to light up a room.  He's funny.  He's charming.  He is the center of attention.  He is fun.  He loves to laugh.  He loves to have a good time.  And that's how you are.  That's why you're so dang easy to love (and so is Logan)!

Daddy's so fun!
Such a good story teller, just like Daddy!
Like you, Logan loves me.  Thanks for teaching him that.  You are the perfect example to our son about how to love.  You're patient with me.  You're caring and sincere.  You're affectionate and kind.  You have always loved me so completely, and I know Logan sees that and emulates it. 

Can you feel the love??
In so many other ways, Logan is amazing like you.  Thanks for being such a great father to him.  Thanks for being such a great husband to me.  You're the best!  Happy Birthday!

One last cute picture for the road.
You're so great you even let Logan drum on your head at the zoo!


  1. great pictures. He seems like an awesome Dad.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, he's a pretty awesome dad! :)