Thursday, January 29, 2015

What Logan Said

I'm not going to lie... Logan is driving me crazy lately.  3 is kicking my butt.  Please someone tell me that 4 year olds don't throw tantrums, don't push/kick/squeeze/hit/layontopof their sister, and don't whine insistently to get their way all day long.  And please, please, PLEASE tell me the dress up phase is almost over.  It sounds cute in theory, but when you can't find Thor's hammer, or Cruella De-Vil's pencil, or Chase's Paw Patrol badge, you will feel the wrath that only a three year old can rain down.  If only he had control of his emotions... one day, right? A mother can dream.

Although this age is definitely the hardest yet, it's also one of the most entertaining.  I am always amused and a little perplexed by the things that come out of Logan's mouth.  Seriously, no adult could make this stuff up.

Daddy:  What should we get Mommy for her birthday?
Logan:  A pretend pancake.

Logan:  Mommy, ask me what I'm doing.
Mommy:  Logan, what are you doing?
Logan:  I'm just Batman and I'm doing the Hokey Pokey.

While looking at our engagement picture.
Logan:  Oh look, it's that picture of Mommy and Daddy wearing charm bracelets.

After beating me at Uno.
Logan:  I guess it just wasn't your day, Mommy.

After losing his gloves.
Mommy:  Where did you last see them?
Logan:  On my hands, of course.

After passing gas.
Mommy:  Logan, did you just toot?
Logan:  No, that's just my bum making sounds.

Mommy:  Let's all take a turn and say what we're thankful for.  I'll go first, I'm thankful for Logan, and Reagan, and Daddy.
Mommy:  Logan what are you thankful for?
Logan:  A bag.


Pretending to be Santa.
Logan:  Mommy, did you know I'm the best Santa in the kitchen?

Watching me get ready.
Logan:  I want to put deodorant on my feet, so that I can be Rudolf.

Before lunch.
Logan:  I'm a Shepherd.
Mommy:  Ok, Shepherd, what do you want for lunch?
Logan:  Shepherd food.
Mommy:  What do Shepherds eat?
Logan:  Turkey sandwiches and marshmallows.

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