Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas 2014

Hey, hey hey!  Or should I say Ho, Ho, Ho!  I know I'm super late to the Christmas blog-game here, but I did want to give a quick update on our Christmas.  It truly was a wonderful Christmas Season.  If you'll remember a million years ago, I gave you a rundown on our Christmas to do list.  We really tried to make it about serving others, and I think we really achieved that.  I'm excited that we are establishing these traditions early, so that years from now our kids will really be able to see what Christmas is all about.

Here are the highlights:

Cutting down our Christmas tree:

Decorating the tree:

Story time with Mrs. Claus:

Riding the Christmas Train at the Mall:

Meeting Santa Claus at the Church party:

Mommy sitting on Santa's lap:

Hot Chocolate, Donuts, Jammies, and Christmas Lights:

Treats to the Animal Shelter:

Reagan's First Steps to Grandma Hinton:

Giant Pancakes and Kraynaks:

Nativity Scenes at Kirtland:

Gingerbread Houses:

Toys to the Children's Hospital and Chick-Fil-A:

Christmas Eve Dinner with the In-Laws and the Missionaries:

The Santa Club:

Christmas Morning:

Flying to Utah:

A Week with the Grandparents:

Making new friends:

Catching up with old Friends:

Fun with the Cousins:

and to top it all off...

An Ohio State Victory!

I know I say this every year, but I really think this was our best Christmas yet!

Until 2015, that is!

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