Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!!

This may come as a shock to anyone living in the 21st century, but I have been blogging to you from a computer that is 7 years old.  Yes, you read that correctly:


Basically, the dinosaur of all computers.  It's battery was completely dead, so it needed to be plugged in at all times, it's storage was completely used up, so I was saving absolutely everything on an external hard drive, and if I didn't shut it down and restart after every 20 minutes of use, it would freeze up.  

It's a miracle I ever published anything.  For real.  

So my mother being the angel that she is, saw my real need and surprised me with the happiest of birthday presents (not my birthday today, Friday) in the mail today:

Isn't it glorious?

I'm sure this means a lot more blogging from me, because it is about a million times easier, so it's really like a present to all of us, right?  I know you all sit on the edge of your seats each day, waiting to read my poetic words of enlightenment.... right.  

She also generously gifted me and the kids a new iPad Mini for our upcoming venture out west for Christmas.  Couple that with my new phone upgrade that takes awesome pictures like this:

And I'm a regular 2014 up-to-date chick.  Until about 6 months from now, I'm sure.

Cheers to me coming out of the stone-age!  And cheers to my wonderful momma!  Love you!

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