Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween everyone out there in blog-o-land!  We have had one heck of a week.  We had something Halloween-y going on everyday this week.  It has been so fun, but also exhausting.  Especially for Reagan, poor thing.  I'm sad it's over, but also a little releaved.  And you know what this means... tomorrow is November- BRING ON THE HOLIDAYS!!  I know I say this every year, but this year I'm EXTRA excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Logan is so aware and smart and big, I know he's going to get really into it, and I can't wait.  Re-living your childhood is almost as fun as it was the first time around!

For Halloween this year, Logan changed his mind about what he wanted to be about a thousand times. First he wanted to be Lion-O from Thundercats:

We really dodged a bullet when he changed his mind to a knight:

Then to a puppy dog:


Before finally settling on Peter Pan.  This naturally lended itself to Reagan being Tinkerbell and before long it turned into a family affair.  Logan was Peter Pan, Reagan was Tinkerbell, I was Wendy, and I actually convinced Daniel to be Captain Hook!  

Don't we look great???

Daniel looks like he's having the time of his life, I know.
For Logan's costume, I found this great tutorial from Make it Love it.  I've used her tutorials before, she's the best!!  I love how it turned out!  

For Reagan's costume, I used this method via Pinterest to make her tutu, and this tutorial to make her shoes.  The wings are from the Dollar Store, add a hairbow, and Insta-Tink! 

Close up of the shoes, because they are THAT cute!
For my costume, I got a nightgown at Walmart and added a little lace ruffle to the bottom.  A ribbon in my hair, and there you go!  Wendy-Bird!

For Captain Hook, I found that robe at a thrift store-- hard to believe in another life, it was a woman's Christmas robe ;)  Then I added a little black and gold ribbon (just with a hot glue gun) to complete his Captain's Coat.  I purchased the hook, sword, and pirate hat from Party City.  They had a wonderful selection of Halloween costume stuff and it was relatively cheap!  

So that about sums it up.  Here's how the week played out:

Monday we carved pumpkins for Family Home Evening. 

Olaf and Batman.  Per Logan's request.
Tuesday we went to story time at our local mall, and they had crafts and a costume contest- which we WON 1ST PRIZE!

Walking the cat walk- this is right before he unsheathed his sword and declared, "I'm Peter Pan!"
Accepting his prize.
Really excited, because the prize was COOKIES!
Wednesday was the Church Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat.  This is where I convinced Daniel to dress up.  The whole family had a blast.

I love this picture so much, because it sums up my children perfectly.  Reagan is smiling although she is completely exhausted, and Logan is pretending to be an elephant.  
Thursday our little town had it's official Trick or Treat.  Not sure why it was Thursday night, but we rolled with it.  It was a pretty cold night, so Daniel stayed home with Reagan and I got to take Logan out, just me and him.  It was seriously SO MUCH FUN!  I had almost forgotten how great one on one time with Logan was.  That little man is adorable and hilarious.  We laughed the whole time.

Occasionally we would run, sometimes we would fly, and other times he wanted to crawl like a puppy.  Whatever.  

Friday we went to our weekly story time at the library, and they let the kids wear their costumes.  It was fun to have just one more place to dress up for. And FYI, Logan was much better behaved than the last time I blogged about story time!  ;) He even got to stay and do the craft- making monsters!

Logan's monster.  :)
We had a great Halloween week!  I hope you all did as well!  

And in case you're interested:

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