Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Train Ride / Hale Farm- Adventure #5

Sorry for the couple days off there.  I know you've all been anxiously checking back for more updates on my summer adventure.  I know it's been hard to sleep and function and what not without my constant updates.  But have no fear, I am back!

Luke Bryan was awesome.  AH-WE-SUMMME!  He sounds even better live.  The crowd was crazy.  Pretty sure every crazy redneck within 200 miles was there.  I think I heard the f-word just from random passer-byers more than I have since high school.  Anyway, I didn't get to bed until 1:30 am the next day, and the piglets had me up bright and sunnyshiny at 5:00 that morning, so I was in survival/half awake/half asleep/zombie mode on Friday.  And then yesterday, the kids didn't nap.  #mommyproblems

I digress.

Ok.  Back to my summer play by play.

Next on our list was a train ride and a visit to Hale Farm in Bath, OH.  Logan was sooooo very excited to ride on a train.  I think this might have been his favorite adventure.

Honestly, I think we could have done without Hale Farm.  It was still really fun... but very similar to Nauvoo.  And since we just got back from Nauvoo it was kind of a re-do.  It is set up the same way.  A little town in the 1800's.  There is pottery and brick making and games and old houses and churches.  There are animals and shooting demonstrations.  Actually, they have a great Civil War re-enactment.  We missed it by one weekend.  All well.  Anyhoo- we enjoyed it but wouldn't say it's something you HAVE TO DO while visiting Northeast Ohio.

The train, however...a must do for any 3 year old boy, if Logan does say so himself!

Pictures for posterity:

Up and at 'em bright and early for the train.   
So excited to ride the train.  
The engineer let Logan wear his hat! 
Reagan loves Grandma.
I love this little boy's sense of wonder. 
A carriage ride.
He wanted to pet the sheep soooo badly!
These were "Little Bo Peep's Sheep" 
It was funny to see them all lined up like this. 
Looking for clues in the gift shop.
Musket shooting demonstration.
Pottery demonstration. 
Back on the train!
I tried all day to get a picture of Logan and me.  This was the best I could get.  He hates pictures.  He is his father's son after all! :)

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