Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cleveland Zoo- Adventure #6

One of my very first memories was a day spent at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  We were watching the elephants do a show when they asked for a member of the audience to come down in front and ride the elephant.  I was only three or so, but I raised my hand.  My mom says she thinks they pointed to a bigger kid behind me, but I thought they had pointed at me and marched straight down to the front.  I remember very distinctly holding on to the bright blue rope and being lifted onto the elephant's big back.  It was magical.  After the ride was over they said they had a prize for me and I remember thinking, "It's a dolly of me riding an elephant!"  Well, it wasn't (imagine that??).  It was an elephant pin.  Still pretty awesome!  When we got home that night I told me mom that it was, "The best day of my life!"  Still in the top 5 to this day.  Right after my wedding and the births of my children. (wink, wink)

Needless to say, an elephant is my favorite animal.  I passed this love of elephants right on down to Logan.  I'm pretty sure no other 1 year old alive could do a better elephant noise than Logan could when he was 1.  He just loves them, and I love them, and I love that he loves them.

Anyway, so we love going to the zoo and seeing the elephants.  We had never been to the Cleveland Zoo, so it seemed like a fine idea for an adventure!  And it was, especially for an elephant lover!  It seemed like everywhere you turned there were more elephants.  Inside, outside, around every corner- an elephant!!  It was a great day and so much fun!  We will definitely be back to see the elephants (and the other like 500 animals they have there) again soon!

You know the drill.  The usual picture dump:

Close your mouth, young lady!
Even got the foot pop going!  He loves them alright!
I loved seeing the African Elephants!  They were so much bigger than the Asian Elephants I've seen at other zoos! 
"That's a big elephant, mommy!"

Blurry, but cute!
Elephants around every corner!
Could Reagan be a future elephant lover as well??
Logan wanted to touch the giant tortoise so bad.  Thankfully it was just out of reach! 
Logan thought this monkey reading the newspaper was hilarious
Kind of hard to see, but there's a mommy and a daddy monkey and a little baby cuddled up between them!
I told Logan we were going to leave him at the zoo with the monkeys where he really belonged!
They are his people, after all! ;)
Reagan's favorite part by far.  She was mesmerized!
Loved seeing the giraffe so close.  Such a funny looking animal!
I thought this bear poking it head out under the log was adorable!
Such a fun day!!
Love these people!!

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