Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update on Logan

Both kids asleep- Hallelujah!!

Since I did an update on Reagan yesterday, I figured it was only fair to give a quick update on my little man, Logan today.

Man this little boy is growing up so fast, it seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, and here we are, he'll be 3 in a just a couple months.  Wow.

Active doesn't even begin to describe this little boy.  And he's very rough and tumble and always on the go. He loves playing with balls, playing outside, climbing on, over, around, underneath, and between everything and everyone in the house.  I often have to remind him to make sure I'm ready before he jumps on me and proceeds to climb.  And to not jump by or over his sister.  He loves to show me his "tricks" like jumping on the couch and doing a summersault with his feet landing on the wall.  Or throwing a ball in the air and kicking or catching or hitting it.  He is constantly saying, "Mommy watch this!" or "Mommy watch my new trick!"

Logan is very independent.  I probably hear, "I want to do it all by MYSELF" about 1000 times a day.  He can get very frustrated if he is trying to do something without help, but he just can't yet.  I often have to remind him that sometimes it's ok if someone helps you do something.  That being said, this little boy can do sooo many things ALL BY HIMSELF!  He can go potty all by himself (post coming soon about how I conquered that feat).  He can make toast or Eggo waffles all by himself.  He can write an L and an O (still working on the rest of his name, although he does know how to spell it).  He knows all his ABC's and can count to 17.  He can also count backward from 10 to 1.  He can also do simple addition and subtraction (ex- if we have 3 grapes and we eat one, how many will we have left?) He knows all the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I am a Child of God, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and probably about 10 other songs and will sing them on demand.  Anyway, I could go on.  He is very determined when he puts his mind to it and will not stop until he gets it right and can do it without help.

I have been surprised at how much his imagination and sense of humor has been developing lately.  One of his favorite games is to take all the pillows off the couch and make it into a "Rocketship" and go to the moon.  Yesterday he told me there was a zoo on the moon and proceeded to name all the animals that were in the "Moon Zoo".  I also scored a play kitchen for $5 at a garage sale recently and Logan loves to "Make Something" in his kitchen.  His favorites to make are apple pie, pancakes, and hot dogs.  But be careful- "It's really, really hot!"  He has also become very funny lately.  He's always making us laugh with the random things he comes up with.  One night at dinner he just started calling me "Bob", Daniel "Bruce", and baby Reagan "Triangle."   You just have to laugh!

Logan is such a people person.  He is never shy.  He will will talk to anyone, and makes friends wherever he goes.  On Monday I took the kids to a parade for Memorial Day and while we were waiting for it to start, Logan started playing with some kids we were sitting next to.  These kids were between the ages of 5 and 7 and in a few minutes, Logan had them all playing a game he had made up and was pretty much running the show.  It made me laugh that these kids were listening to essentially a baby that was 3-5 years younger than them.  But that's just who he is.  He wants to be everyone's friend and wants to be in charge.  He wants to shake every hand in the room and tell you all a joke.

Being such a smart, independent, strong willed little boy doesn't come without challenges, however.  Sometime I call Logan "The Enforcer" because he is always telling everyone what to do and make sure everyone is following the rules- even if he isn't.  Especially when there are smaller kids around.  He wants to make sure to keep them in line.  I have to tell him all the time, "Her mommy is here, she will take care of that.  You just worry about YOU."  Another thing he says all the time is "But I don't want to!" or "But I want to!" when we try and tell him what to do/not do.  He is still learning that just because you want to do something, doesn't make it a good idea.  He is also always trying to tell me what other people want to do.  Example- "Mommy, Baby Reagan wants to wear this hat." and then he will slam a hat on her head.  or "Mommy, Baby Reagan wants to sit down." and then pushing her down.  Yeah, still working on how to control that one.

Overall, Logan is a pretty special little kid.  Daniel and I were just talking last night that we hope we aren't screwing things up with him.  I really believe that he has huge potential to do good if taught correctly.  I love him so much, and he teaches me so much everyday.  I just hope I can be the best mother I can be to him.

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