Friday, February 15, 2013

Logan, the Ladies Man

In honor of Valentine's Day (sorry, I'm a day late!)... a post about young love.  

Really young love.

I thought I had a few years (like 15?) before I had to worry about Logan chasing after girls.  Boy was I wrong!  Ever since we moved to Virginia, Logan has been charming girls left and right.  Specifically older women.  I feel like everywhere we go, Logan finds a lady friend.

Flash back to the Ward Halloween Party:

Only a couple inches height difference
During dinner we lost Logan.  One minute he was running around with the toddlers his age, the next he was gone.  When we found him, he had made a new friend.  A girl from our ward, around 8 or 9, was picking him up, spinning him around, hugging him, kissing his head, and rolling on the ground with him.  She definitely looked smitten and so did he!  Every time she put him down, he just lifted his arms up for her to spin him around again.  Eventually we were able to peel him away to take him home, but he definitely loved all the attention from that little girl.  And every time we have a ward party of any kind, he finds her and they rekindle their romance.

Fast forward to this morning:

(I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of this!)

We go to a mommy and me workout class a few times a week.  Afterwards the kids play in a soft play area in the mall.  Usually I have to corral Logan to keep him from going into stores, or killing himself trying to go up the escalator.  But today was different.  One of the little girls (around age 3) from our class must have caught Logan's eye today because he kept trying to give her high fives and hugs.  She (and I) kept telling him to "Stop" and "No, Logan!"  but he was very persistent.  Soon he was literally chasing her around the playground.  The other moms and I were just busting up laughing, when the little girl approached her mother and told her, "I don't like THAT Logan, make him stop!"  Her mother explained to me that there is another Logan that she plays with that her daughter really likes.  So I took Logan aside to tell him that his girl was "taken" and to "stop trying to give her hugs".  He stopped, until about 5 minutes later, the little girl was in hot pursuit of Logan!  I guess he had won her over because she was holding his hand, hugging him, carrying him around, and even kissing him!  And he was loving it.  He was giddy with laughter and was spinning around and jumping all over the playground!  Sadly, the time came to go home, and Logan cried and cried.  He's going to have to learn that that doesn't win any points with the ladies!

At the end of the day:

Young Love
Livi (age 3) is still Logan's number one gal.  As you all remember, we hang out with Eileen, Livi, and Lucas often.  Logan follows Livi wherever she goes and they sneak off alone to play together all the time!  Whenever I'm having a hard time getting Logan to do anything, all I have to say is, "Do you want to go play with Livi later?"  and he shapes right up!  The other day I was watching them play at the park; Livi was spinning Logan around and he was laughing uncontrollably and looked so smitten!  It made me smile, but it also made me nervous!  If he's already this girl crazy, what are his teenage years going to be like?  I hope he doesn't break too may hearts. Or even worse, I hope he doesn't get his heart broken too badly!  I want to raise a respectful, courteous, little gentleman.... I have a feeling we are going to need to keep an eye on that boy!

Valentine's Day Cookies!

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