Friday, September 7, 2012

Washington DC Adventures

I love living in the Washington DC area.  Let me say that again with a little enthusiasm - I LOVE LIVING IN THE WASHINGTON DC AREA!  I feel so blessed to be here, and I hope we never ever leave... like ever.  Daniel and I lived here briefly 3 years ago while he was interning for a Senator, and I fell in love with the area.  There's just a feeling in Washington DC that I can't explain.  I've never felt  it anywhere else, but it feels like coming home and exploring a new place all at the same time. We tried to do something different every weekend in the city when we were here before, and we still didn't see it all!  Now that we are back we are continuing to explore and find new and different things to see and do here.  Plus, everything is new for Logan and it's been so fun seeing things through the eyes of a child.  Here are some of our adventures thus far.

The first weekend we were here:

The Jefferson, George Mason, and Martin Luther King Memorials

This was definitely first on my list, because these are some of the only Memorials I didn't get to see when we were here the first time.  These Monuments are right on the water, and it was such a beautiful day that day, that it really was breathtaking.  I love seeing the Memorials and Monuments of Washington DC.  It makes me so proud to be an American and to remember what these people did to make this county great.  Here are some of the shots from the day.

I love that this walk is right on the water- SO PRETTY!
A very sweaty me with the Memorial in the background
Logan "sight-seeing"
Mr. Jefferson, meet the Dews
Daniel deep in thought with Mr. Mason
Me getting chummy with George
Me (and some random family) with Martin Luther King Jr. 
The Second Weekend We Were Here:

The Zoo

We saw about 1/2 of the animals at the zoo when we were here before.  We were having a lovely time when all of the sudden a torrential downpour sent us running to the closest metro stop.  Here we are... soaking wet!

Anyway, this time around our zoo experience was much drier (unless you count being soaked in sweat), and we got to see all the animals.  Logan especially liked the monkeys-probably because he's a little monkey himself!   For your viewing pleasure....

He was pointing at EVERYTHING!
Gotta love the Panda Bear!
National Geographic ain't got nothing on me!
An elephant in honor of the RNC!
They were SO pink! (and you all know how much I love pink!)
Last weekend:

Farmers Market, Museum of Natural History, and Nats Game

Last weekend was Labor Day, so Daniel only had to work a half day.  Logan and I came into DC to play with him for the other half.   I'm really not sure what it was about this particular day... but my heart was so filled with happiness.  There were moments I had tears in my eyes with gratitude and joy.  I really do love my life.  Here's the rundown from the weekend.

We hit up the Department of Agriculture's Farmer's Market first.  It was your basic Farmer's Market, even a little smaller than I was used to.  But wow, what fun! We got some veggies, fresh honey, homemade bread, and the best kettle corn I've ever had - THE BEST.  We munched on the kettle corn while we strolled on over to the Museum of Natural History. It's such a fun museum.  We had been there before but it was even more fun seeing it through 1 year old eyes.   Logan loved the dinosaur bones and the giant squid.  Just like at the zoo, he was pointing at everything and asking "That?"  I love how inquisitive that boy is.

The next day we took Logan to his first Major League Baseball Game.  We only lasted 7 innings because of the heat (and lack of a morning nap), but it was fun nonetheless.  We had hot dogs and garlic fries (not as good as the ones at PacBell Park, but ya know, they were pretty good).  Logan was scared by all the cheering at first, but by the end of it, he was cheering right along with everyone else.   Wow, I'm realizing this post has gotten a little out of control (like so long I'm surprised you're still reading)... so I'll shut up - but here are the pictures (I know that's all you want anyway!)

Another elephant picture in honor of the RNC
Logan loved the dinosaurs!
I thought this big fish was cool 
Logan found a new mommy.  (and long lost brother)
Future Allstar?
Proud Moment For a Daddy!
Mommy was pretty proud too!
PS- If you're wondering what we did the weekend I skipped over- well here's a picture to help you get the idea!
He's such a model- and SOOO cool!


  1. Take a few hours and go to the Awakening statue. It's a nice park to have a picnic and you can get some fun photo opportunities. Glad you're enjoying the move.

    1. Thanks Athena! Yeah, I'll definitely have to check it out!!!