Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The newest installment in Mommy "Dating"

You know that awkward moment from high school when you run into that guy who didn't show up for your date, didn't call, and tries to ignore you in front of the entire student body?  Well, that was my morning at the park.

I hadn't seen Sally and Emily at the park since the day we had made our "date" a couple weeks ago.  Remember?  And do you remember how she stood me up?  Yeah well, I knew it was only a matter of time until I saw her again. 

Logan and I did the usual jiggy jog over to the park this morning. I was smelly, he had on a slightly stained shirt (at least I changed him out of his pj's, right?), and we pretty much looked like a disheveled mess.  "No matter" I thought.  "It doesn't matter who I see, they aren't going to care, and if I run into Sally and Emily, then so be it".  

As we roll up in our construction equipment yellow jogging stroller, I can see from a mile away that there are tons of people there, and I start to wonder if maybe today would have been a good day for a brush and some deodorant.  The first person I see is a lady from our church - GREAT!  Someone who there is virtually no chance of avoiding for the rest of my life.  We chat for a few moments and I try to make excuses for my tangled hair and go for the "I'm a workout chick" vibe - hopefully she doesn't tell the other mommies in the ward what I'm like pre-shower.  Then of course, I spot Sally and Emily.  

I knew when Sally and I locked eyes I was going to have to talk to her.  So I waved.  And she didn't wave back - SHE DIDN'T WAVE BACK!  Who does that?  I am 100% positive she saw me, and she didn't wave back!  By this point I know some of the other moms there are wondering who I was waving at, so I had to approach Sally.  Ready for more awkward dialogue?

Me - "Hey Sally!  Hey Emily! How are you guys?"

Sally - "Hey Emily, can you wave at Logan?"

Me - "Wave to Emily, Logan."

Me - "So, how have you guys been?"

Sally - "Good."

Sally walks away, following Emily to another part of the playground, and to talk to another mommy.  


So what changed from last week when we were so chummy??  Is Sally really THAT shallow that she won't talk to me in front of the other mommies who are dressed like we are at a freaking yacht club?  Seriously, why do these women all wear dresses and nice clothes to run around in 100 degree weather, 90% humidity, in the dirt with their toddlers?  I guess the answer lies in the quest - mommy dating.  These ladies are all out there looking for friends and playmates just like I am.  However, I thought it was more about spending time with our children, and friends was a byproduct, not the other way around.  I guess they have just figured out the game much earlier than I.  Looks like I need to start showering before I go to the park.

Sally and I did end up chatting for a bit a few minutes later, once she saw that other people weren't utterly repulsed by me.  But there was no mention of getting together again.  In fact, Logan and Emily didn't play much today.  I guess Sally and Emily are not "the one".  -Sigh-

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  1. Wow! That sounds like a rough crowd to please.