Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Waiting for August

My husband and I often joke that if our time together were a song it would be called "Waiting for August".  A catchy pop tune (or maybe a country love song) about two young lovers who are always waiting for some event to happen in August.  The verses would play out something like this:

Verse 1
A verse about how we met.  We met in August 2006.  It was a time that each of us had been looking forward to for some time, because it was the month we both started school at Utah State University.  For me it was the month I moved away from home.

Verse 2
 A verse about our engagement and wedding.  We got married in August 2007.  And our engagement was long and ardjuous.  Let's just say, it's pretty much a miracle we made it to August at all!

Verse 3

A verse about starting law school (my husband just graduated in May- Yippee!), which began in August 2009. And each August since (2010, 2011, 2012) waiting for law school to be finished!

Verse 4

A verse about waiting for the birth of our son.  Again, he was born in, you guessed it, August.  August 5, 2011 to be exact!  Believe me, I was really, REALLY ready for that August to come!

Verse 5
A verse about waiting for our current move to DC, August 2012.  This marks the end of law school and the bar.  It's also the end of being a work away from home mom for me!

See what I mean?  August really has a special place in my heart.  I have so many wonderful memories in August!  But there's one thing wrong with this picture. 

There are 11 other months. 

That means that about 92% percent of the last 6 years have been spend waiting.  That's about 2,007.5 days.  Looking back, I can see that I put so many things on hold while I was waiting for August.  What if I had started the day I thought of it, instead of waiting for "whatever" to come in August?   Pretty sure I would have gotten a lot more accomplished and would have had a much more fulfilling life for the last 6 years. 

Example- I have been waiting for August 2012 since about August 2011.  I knew that when my son was born (August 2011) that I would be a work away from home mother until at least August 2012.  That's when my husband would be graduated from law school, would have taken the bar, and would be able to work to support the family, so I wouldn't have to anymore.  Therefore, I put off doing so many fun things with my son because that would be something I would do "In August when I'm a stay at home mom".  This gave me an excuse to feel sorry for myself that I couldn't do the things I was waiting for August to do (still with me?).  Well guess what- If I would have just stopped waiting and started doing, I could have been a lot happier the last 12 months. 

There will always be things to look forward to and to plan for, and I will always look forward to things that will happen in August, I'm sure.  Maybe one day we will buy a house in August, or have another baby in August.  Or my husband will get a new job in August, or we will win $1 billion in August (hey, a girl can dream, right?)  But I'm going to stop waiting. The funny thing about waiting is- there will always be something off in the distance to wait for, and all those things you want to do, may never happen.   

I love my new motto (aka title of this blog).  It inspires me to stop putting things off.  To be proactive.  To stop waiting for life to begin.  To make my life what I want it to be-NOW. 

So join me, won't you, on the Journey of Today, and stop playing the waiting game!  Happy August!

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  1. I never realized how many August celebrations you had! Wow! This post is so funny. But also so true--I love that you are embracing living for "now". I'm so proud of you! Oh, and you are totally a math nerd, I can tell... "92% percent of the last 6 years have been spend waiting. That's about 2,007.5 days". hahaha