Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm a Stay at Home Mom

I am a stay at home mom.  Let me repeat that:

I am a stay at home mom!

This is something I've been dreaming about since Logan was born and it's finally happening.  It doesn't feel real--- Like I'm going to wake up on Monday and have to go to work. (I hope this doesn't happen because all my insurance knowledge is seeping out of my brain at a rapid pace!)  

But it's no dream- this is my NEW job, and I couldn't be more happy!  

It's everything I thought it would be and more.  

More fun, more frustrating.  
More rewarding, more difficult.  
More tender moments, more trying moments.  
More hugs, more messes.  

There were moments this week that were just awesome!  Like when we found this awesome park by our house, complete with FREE splash park!  Logan had a perma-smile.  He had so much fun, and so did I!

Mommy Heaven!

There were moments this week that were hard.  Like how homesick Logan has been-- which makes him more grumpy and much harder to please (all he wants is Aunt Rachel!)

See him pointing at Aunt Rachel?  He did this ALL DAY today!  Sweet boy!

There were moments when I gave up.  Like when I let Logan crawl up the stairs to our apartment.  Yes, it's dirty.  No, he's not wearing shoes.  Don't judge me- we live on the third floor and this kid weighs almost 24 lbs!

This is FUN Mom!  (and safe and not gross at all!)

But there was NEVER a moment when I questioned my decision to be a stay at home mom.  Not even when Logan pulled the ranch dressing out of the refrigerator, spilled it all over the floor, rolled around in it, and started breaking out in red hives.  Not even then.  Because being a mother is a privilege.  Because being a mother makes me happy.  Because I love my son.  

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