Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stay at Home Mom Moments

Being a work away from home mom for the first year of Logan's life, I knew I was missing things.  Luckily, I never missed anything huge.  I was there the first time he smiled, the first time he crawled, the first time he pulled himself up, the first time he laughed, his first steps (just this week!).  But- BUT I was missing the everyday little things.  Playing with a new toy, pointing at things and saying "That?", a funny face.  So grateful that I'm not missing these precious moments anymore!

Here's a few moments I would have missed if I was gone, that I got to see being a stay at home mom (excuse the mix of  Instagrams and normal photos!).

Playing at the park! (Man he's so dang cute!!)
Arts and crafts time!
Package from Grandma!
Newfound fascination with the washing machine!

It's true what they say- this really is the best job in the whole world!

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