Thursday, January 12, 2017


I'm coming to you tonight from my iPhone, because we moved 2 months ago and I still can't find my computer! Normally, going long stretches without blogging, doesn't bother me (clearly) but for some reason, I've felt the need to write.

We are settling in here, in our new corner of the world. Logan is doing great in school, Daniel continues to love his job, Reagan and I are both starting to make friends at church. Baby sleeps, eats, and poops on schedule. 

Life has gone on. 

We have a new dry cleaner, dog groomer, pediatrician, and grocery store (Kroger I love you, where have you been all my life???) 

Gah, how did we end up here, again??

I remember way back when Logan was a babe and I started this here bliggity blog, we were preparing to take our first job out of law school, make our first move out of Ohio, and start our new life in Washington D.C. My dream of being a stay at home mom and "mommy blogger" was becoming a reality.

D.C. was like a dream. We all made good friends quickly, enjoyed exploring the fun sights, loved having family and friends visit, Daniel loved his job, I loved being home with Logan, and baby number 2 was on her way. Life for a moment, was perfect.

But then (as they say in Tangled) that moment ended. Daniel's year long fellowship in D.C. ended, and our hearts were broken when our seemingly dream job slipped through our fingers. We were forced to leave D.C. at the last minute, to move back to Ohio and regroup.

I remember feeling like I was being forced to move against my will. I wanted so badly to stay. So badly to put roots down in D.C. To cultivate what had begun to sprout. But my little plant of a life was being violently ripped out of the ground with its shallow little roots to be "replanted" in seemingly "poor soil".

Our little area of Northeast Ohio is known for being depressed and run down. Sort of a "where dreams go to die" kind of place. And when we got there, that's exactly how I felt. 

However, I knew in my heart of hearts that Warren is where God wanted us to be. He is not cruel. He doesn't dangle things in front of our face, like a carrot on a string, just to string us along and never bless us. He had led us here, and He would help us grow.

And grow we did. Daniel lucked into a wonderful job, which at the time was exactly what we needed to get us back on our feet. We bought a house next to THE nicest and greatest friends and neighbors in the world. We flourished in our Church community and for once, really felt needed there. We loved being close to family. I made friends in our little community and it really started to feel like home. I remember thinking if God wanted us to stay forever, I would be more than willing. 

But then Daniel for real was offered his dream job. And he was offered it 3 hours away.

So we began to pull up those roots once again. Only this time, it wasn't violent and it wasn't shallow. It was deliberate and it was deep. Friends, and teachers, and schools, and dry cleaners, and dog groomers, and church family, now all friends, all part of an intricate root system, to painstakingly detangle and lovingly, gloomily carry away to replant in seemingly "better soil."

So here we are, trying again to grow. And since God has planted us here, I know we will. 

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