Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Logan Said...

It's been a while since I've recorded any of Logan's Loganisms lately.  I know you've all missed it so.  Well today is your lucky day, because I'm back at it with another edition of "What Logan Said."  And there's been no shortage of material lately I know you're happy to hear.

Man, this little boy... he's something else.


Logan's toe sticking out of a hole in his PJ's
L:  Look, Mommy!  My toe is smiling!

You can tell we've been hitting the scripture stories hard around here because:
L:  Mommy, I'm going to tell you the story about Jesus.  The wind was blowing really hard so Jesus went into the temple.  He went into the church.  Then he watched a video about how Heavenly Father loves us.  Then he said, it's time to get on the train.  That's the story about Jesus.  Now I'm going to baptize you.  I'm a missionary.

There was also the time when....

L:  I am going to be Noah.  Prophet Noah, not wicked King Noah.  Mommy can be the cow.  Daddy can be the deer.  Reagan can be the baby giraffe.  Cuddles can be the dog, I guess.  Or maybe another cow.

after riding on Noah's Ark:

L:  We're here!  We're at the........ beach!  Let's have a picnic!  We've got pineapple, tacos, and bread in our picnic basket.

and finally:

L:  Get on the ark, crab!  Oh wait, Noah doesn't have crabs.
M & D:  LOL!!!!

We've also been doing some cleaning:
L:  Mommy, I'm going to sing you a song about a mop.  I see some chickens.... -jibberish- and now I'm mopping!!

Speaking of his favorite little sister:
L:  Mommy, Reagan's not a bad guy.  She's a unicorn.

Talking about my upcoming birthday (in 3 months) 
L:  I can't wait to try the cake!
D: What should we get mommy for her birthday?
L:  A pretend pancake.  Or maybe a teapot.

While playing with his Legos and talking to them...
L:  Are you a Lego guy?
Lego Guy:
L:  I like Lego Guys!
L:  Lego guys are nice.
L:  Can I take your head off now?

Playing his favorite game:
L:  This is my staff, Mommy!
M:  Cool, buddy!
L:  I use it to slice the bad guys in half.
M:  Yeah....
L:  Remember Mommy, you have bad guys in your life.

Whispering to Grandma:
L:  Grandma, can I tell you a secret?
GM:  Yes!  Come whisper it to me!
L:  {whispering} My name is really Jack.

While trying to convince me to let him stay in PJ's:
M:  Logan's it's time to get dressed.
L:  Mommy, I'm not made for getting dressed.
M:  Logan....
L:  If I get dressed I will be in a whirlpool.

After unrolling 2 rolls of toilet paper and wearing the cardboard tubes on his hands:
M:  Logan, this is wasteful and makes a big mess, please don't do this again.
L:  Ok, Mommy.  I'm sorry.
M:  Help me roll up this toilet paper on one of the cardboard rolls.  Then you can wear the other one. L:  But if I don't have 2, then I won't be COOL!

He keeps me laughing that's for sure!  Logan, thank you for being you!  And I think you will always be cool!  Even with only one toilet roll tube!

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