Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Logan: Year 4

Today my little boy is 4.  It's like I blinked and all of the sudden, my baby is a little person.  A very energetic, opinionated, determined, funny, smart, amazing little person.  So who is Logan, exactly?  Well tonight I gave him a little interview, because I never want to forget 4 year old Logan.  He is SOOO fun!  2.5 to 3.5 was a rough age, but the last 6 months have really been a blast.  Logan has really started to play and build and imagine with toys and has been playing a lot more independently, which is awesome!

Anyway, I digress.  My interview.

Full Name:  Logan Carl Dew
Age: 1, 2, 3, 4
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Rolls
Favorite Animal:  Elephant and Gorilla
Favorite Toy:  Superman Jet
Favorite Super Hero:  Superman
Favorite Movie:  Big Hero Six
Favorite Show:  Avengers
Favorite Person:  The Real Superman
Favorite Thing to Do:  Play with toys
Favorite Thing to do with Reagan:  Play Chase
Best friend:  Hudson and Clayton
Girlfriend:  Leilah
Favorite thing to do with Daddy:  Tackle
Favorite thing to do with Mommy:  Play Legos

So there you go.  Pretty much sums up Logan.  Superheros.  Friends.  Rough and Tumble.  100% boy.  He's go go go all the time and most of the time, I love it!  He bounds into our room in the morning screaming in delight, "The light turned green!" (I've drilled it into his head not to get up until his alarm clock glows green) and doesn't stop until he has his blankies, his water cup, and has read Curious George and said prayers at night.

And every night, I think: Another day in the books.  Another day gone.  Another day smarter. Another day bigger.

Today is a day that I always reflect on my experience thus far as a mother.  Wow, it's about a million times harder than I thought it would be.  Some days I completely question myself and everything I'm doing with my life.  My kids are really, really special people and I don't want to screw them up.  The burden of being in charge of little lives and little futures can be overwhelming at times.  But it's also so amazing.  Being a mother stretches me in ways that I didn't even know I could go.  It makes me grow every single day.  It makes me a better person.  More patient, more kind, more fun.  The joy and the reward that I get from being a mother is worth every difficult day and then some.

So Happy Birthday, Logan!!  Thank you for being so awesome and fun!  I love that you just go for it and jump head first into everything.  You're the best!  We love you so much, Superman!

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