Monday, August 18, 2014

Water Park- Adventure #1

My kids love the water.  Logan has been a fish since day one, and Reagan seems to be following suit.  So a trip to the water park seems like the perfect fit for our first adventure while my parents were here!

There are quite a few options in Northeast Ohio for water parks actually, but we decided to go to the Cuyahoga Falls Water Works Aquatic Center.  It's just a small little water park that's associated with this little town of Cuyahoga Falls - a suburb of Cleveland - but it was perfect for my little ones.  It was fairly inexpensive, not very big, very clean, and not too crowded.  My mom stuck with Logan most of the time in the "kiddie" area, and I hung with Reagan sitting at the water's edge splashing and having a blast.  

We didn't go on any of the big kid slides, but if I remember correctly they had 2 tube slides.  Also a lazy river that looked like fun but we couldn't take the kids on.  Even so, there was more than enough for us to do and fill a whole day there.  

We brought a little picnic lunch, which worked great for us, but they also had food and snacks for purchase.  

Also, we arrived a little early and had some time to kill before they opened... Perfect little park right there as well that we loved playing on.  

A fun time was had by all except...


Yeah, I didn't put sunscreen on my legs and paid a very painful, heavy price for it.  Lesson learned!

Here's some more enjoyable pictures from our fun day!
Reagan took a nice long nap in the sun.  It was heavenly!
Showing their muscles! 
Where we spent most of the day (thus the sunburn)
Logan loved this slide.  He went on it over and over and over again. And over.
Reagan loved sitting in the water, splashing! 
My little fish.
I can't even handle this... She's too cute!
My beautiful momma and her grandbabies.
Check back tomorrow for Adventure #2!

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