Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brother and Sister

When Logan was about 4 months old, I got an overwhelming feeling that we needed to have another baby.... SOON.  Anyone who knows me knows how crazy that sounded, based on the fact that I HATED being pregnant sooooo much, I was questioning ever doing it again, let alone only 4 short months later.

So why the rush?  For some reason, I just felt like Logan had a sister.  A sister that he had spent a lot of time with.  A sister that was his best friend.  A sister that he missed.  And she missed him too.  I felt like she was trying to tell me that I needed to get with the program and have another baby so she and her big brother could be reunited.

So when we finally found out I was pregnant again, I kinda knew it was going to be a girl... and I knew that she and Logan were going to have a special bond.  Logan knew she was coming too.  When we told her we were going to have another baby and asked him if it was going to be a boy or a girl, he automatically responded, "Girl."  Thinking this might be a fluke, we asked if he was going to have a sister or a brother.  "Sister."  He knew.

A few weeks before Reagan arrived, Logan and I were talking about the baby, and I asked him, "Is Baby Reagan going to be your little sister?" His response, "No, Baby Reagan is going to be my friend."  I'm pretty sure he was more excited than anyone to welcome "Baby Reagan" into our family.

These two really do have something special.  It has been so amazing to watch Logan morph into a big brother.  It's so cute to hear him squeal, "Awww...  Baby Reagan...  Awww" in a high pitched sing-songy voice.  And it melts my heart when he looks at her and says, "Hi pretty girl!"  I love that he loves to watch her sleep from the edge of her crib and cheer "Yay, Baby Reagan awake!" whenever she makes the slightest movement.

There is nothing better than a brother and a sister.  There is nothing like sibling love.

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