Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stop and Listen

Last Sunday I had to speak in church, which I typically HATE doing.  This time was no exception, but there was one perk.  Because I was sitting on the stand, I actually got to listen to the talks instead of trying to wrangle my greased pig of a son.  One of the speakers really made an impression on me.  He told the story about the world class violinist who played one of the most complicated pieces of music on a super expensive violin in one of the DC metro stations and there were only a handful of people who stopped to listen to him.  Maybe you've seen it floating around Facebook?  If not, see the video here.

Anyway, then he asked the question, "What beauty are we missing in our lives because we are too busy to stop and see it?"  This got me thinking.... I'm always rushing, rushing, rushing with Logan to go somewhere or do something.  What am I missing?  So I decided I was going to take a day and not rush at all.  I was going to slow things down and try to appreciate the beauty in my life.

Tuesday came, and I decided to do it.  On our way back from our workout class, I typically just rush up to our apartment to get Logan a snack and get him down for his nap.  He hates this, because he always wants to go wandering around outside.  For once, I decided to go with it, and follow him.  We were so blessed with a warm day, it truly was beautiful to just follow him and watch him in his element.  The world in the eyes of a child is really amazing and full of wonder.  Words can't really describe these moments, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.


Eventually we did find our way inside for lunch and a nap.  That afternoon I really needed to go to the grocery store, but I had had such a great time earlier, and it was still SO warm, I decided we would go to the park for just a few minutes and then to the store.   When the time came that we needed to leave, we were playing in this beautiful tree house by the park.  My head told me to leave, but I decided to listen to my heart, so we stayed.  I'm so thankful I took the time to stop, listen, and enjoy the beauty that is my life.

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