Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Library Drama

Prepare yourself for a gruesome story.  First, can I just say that last week sucked???  I won't go into all the details, but let's just say it was the week after we left Grandma's house, Logan is teething, and it was rainy and cold outside.  I'll let you guess what kind of mood my little cherub was in.   It all came to a dramatic finish on Friday.  Because we had had such a horrible, long, awful week I decided we needed to get out and go do something.  ANYTHING.  So I decided we would have a delightful trip to the library.  I thought to myself, Logan loves books, he should LOVE the library-- an entire building filled to the brim.  So we bundled ourselves up early Friday morning and walked across the street to the library.

When we arrived, I noticed a handful of people standing outside in the cold.  I thought to myself, "That's odd, why don't they go inside?"  I could see there were people in there, but there were still stragglers waiting by the door.  I asked one girl, and she said that there was a class going on inside, but the library didn't open to the general public until 10.  It was about 9:45.  No biggy, I thought to myself.  I had a package of fruit snacks, I should be able to entertain Logan for 15 minutes.  5 minutes went by, then 10 no problem.  The last 5 minutes, however, were a living nightmare.

Around 9:55 Logan noticed the street, and decided running toward oncoming traffic sounded like a fabulous idea.  Of course, I grabbed his hand to stop him, but then he pulled away and went nose first, right into the cement sidewalk.  I scooped up my crying baby, and noticed that his nose was scratched a little.  I lovingly held him close, and patted him on the back, looking at the now 10-15 onlookers like, "Kids!?!" while he screamed his guts out.  By now everyone is looking at me like "Quit abusing that boy!"  So I go sit down on a nearby bench, and realized Logan had a spouting bloody nose and the 2 of us are completely covered in blood.

I fumbled through my purse to find 1 lonely kleenex, and tried my best to clean him up.  Finally the library opened its doors, and Logan took off running to get inside, dripping blood everywhere, looking like something from one of the Saw Movies. The excitement of the books made him hard to catch, but I managed to wrangle him in before the library turned into a crime scene from CSI and tried to calmly ask the librarian where the bathroom is.  She directed me (probably while contemplating calling child services), and we headed in.  Luckily, we were alone because Logan began splashing in the oh-so clean public toilets and getting blood all over the oh-so easy to clean tile floor.  FINALLY, I got the 2 of us somewhat cleaned up, and got the fountain that was his nose under control.  My better judgement told me to head home, but by then we were too far in to retreat.  We headed over to the picture book section to try to rescue our "delightful trip to the library".  The other moms were hurriedly rushing their children away from our general location and staring at Logan like he was LITERALLY Rudolf (which he sort of looked like, with his giant, red, swollen nose).  Then, what happened?  His nose goes off again like a slow leaky faucet, dripping blood onto his already covered shirt.  I tried to wipe it up, when Logan decided to throw an all out tantrum right there in the library complete with flinging himself onto the couch.  As if the other mothers didn't think I was a bad enough mom already.  When we had composed ourselves and were able to wipe the blood off the -thankfully- leather sofa, I gave up on the pipe dream of a fun day and decided it was time to go.  We went to check out, when I remembered, duh, you need a library card to check out books from the library!  10 minutes of paperwork later, and I was rushing to get OUT OF THERE AND NEVER RETURN!  Of course, as we are heading out, Logan gets smacked in the face by the door, and he begins bleeding and crying and screaming all over again.  Of course.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, tell me you've had a day like this???  Or a week like this????

Luckily, Daddy saved the day and got us 8th row tickets to the Georgetown basketball game that night, which turned a horrible day into a semi-ok day.

Don't let that sad look fool you, he LOVED the basketball game (unlike the library)
One day this will be a funny story and a fond memory, right?  Until then, at least his nose isn't broken!

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